Emmy Award Party

Monday, September 17, 2018
I headed to GMT today and shared some last minute Emmy Award watching party ideas. The concepts work for any awards party, and most of the things I pulled from around my house.
 I printed off pictures of all the different shows in the running for best Comedy, and I put them on toothpicks, and then tossed them in these little top hats I found at the party store (I saw that idea on pinterest).  You could also make your own top hats with paper.
 I also made some ballots to follow along, and then plates using some dollar store black plates, and striped papers I attached with the brad on the side so it opens and closes like a director's clapper.
Last up I made a little popcorn bar.  I pulled a bunch of seasonings, chocolate chips etc from my pantry.  It's  DIY flavor station using pantry finds.

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