Travel Journal Prep

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
 I'm sitting in my time machine now typing this a month in advance.  I'm slowly figuring out how to make travel journaling work for a person who likes a cute sticker or six.  My goal is to be able to fly home with an almost complete album, so here's my prep for my upcoming England trip (which I should have returned home from yesterday with, hopefully, a full album I can pop on youtube).
 I'm going quite a few different places, but I know I'll start my trip in England, so after my first few travel pages (below), I did a few England pages.  1)  I was eager to get started on the trip and album & 2)  I figured the first few days I will be jet lagged, so all I have to do is the writing and not catch up on the decorating if I have the first few pages ready.  BUT I didn't want to do too much b/ c I never know how much space each day will take.
 My first few pages are the intro/intenerary.
 Page two I left to tell travel tales.  My prayer is two uneventful, on time flights, but I put a glassine pocket (with the date stamped) on page two, so I could always add a fun story to the pocket before turning to the next (London) page.
 I packed some fun stickers to creating headings for each new location, some stickers, paper, and ephemera.  I also wrapped washi tape around some scraps of paper to take and cut.  I'm bringing glue, a stapler, scissors (I'll pack in my bag), pens, colored pencils, and this time....
I stamped a tag for each day I'll be gone I can use or not use, but they are ready to go if I want to use them.  When I get home I'll probably add a few 3D Stickers, but I'm planning on using this travel journal all summer (assuming I don 't fill it up, which I'm fine with too), so I don't want it too thick!  I also am bringing my Canon Ivy-not an add, I just love it, and I love being able to print a photo or three each day to add to help 'tell the story.'  I've kept a travel journal for probably almost 20 years, and I look back at the journals often when I revisit a city to remember favorite spots, restaurants, sites, or share hotel suggestions with others, but now I'm turning it into my scrapbook/journal.  I'm sure I'll be sharing my completed album momentarily.


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