Day One....

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 1 comment

Day one of summer vacation is officially coming to a was a pretty productive day.....with a few more busy days on the horizon. I presented my first workshop for the district, which went off without a hitch, met Mom for lunch, exchanged, purchased and "to do listed" myself home. I swung by Sonia's for a long/quick stop to figure out how to make my cuts for the quilt I plan to make for myself this summer (see above photos of the fabric I'm using, the spirals is an ironing board, the fabric is folded down it will someday be a quilt) I became a little obsessive about that when I got home and wanted to match up all my squares NOW....basically what I learned was that I know nothing about quilting, but I look forward to learning how to quilt all over again! This evening I caught up with a few friends (Hi, Marie-it's not the weekend and I'm posting!), what I call, laughingly, a little exercise was then on the agenda, next-watching the Mav's game for a little while (I decided I didn't want to ruin such a nice day, so I just turned it off)....and wa la....a day is done....don't worry I won't be giving you detailed daily descriptions EVERY DAY....but you get it for today. I am looking forward to the rest of the week...bridal shop looking with Sandye tomorrow after lunch, Friday is cheesecake day with Holly (and I'm showing her a little treasure I calle IKEA), Saturday is the Susan G Komen walk, Sunday is the Global Day of Prayer, and Monday I'll be in Hawaii at this time in the evening!

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma, OK

Saturday, May 27, 2006 2 comments

I just got home from Lake Murray. This is a picture of a small fragment of the lake right behind the lodge, I've spent many hours on this dock NOT catching fish, but having a good time all the same. It was a beautiful day for a walk around the resort grounds :O) I'm VERY full thanks to a stop at the outlet stores on the way and a swing through the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and dinner at the Apple Bin, the restaurant in the lodge that overlooks this view.

Top Five

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 3 comments
My Top Five Things of the Week
1. The Mav's beat the Spurs last night! Watching the series has TOTALLY stressed me out.....but it had a happy ending....
2. 6th grade graduation is tomorrow night! I printed off their diplomas in December (I'm not even kidding).
3. Two weeks from now I'll be sitting in a beach from Hawaii, better get me that souvenir wish list soon.
4. This "group" of kids I've been complaining about all year nominated me for Walmart Teacher of the Year....and I won (found at last week in a very embarrassing, humbling, and overwhelmingly sweet assembly). I'll attach the pictures later from the district's paper when it comes out.....if my face isn't too red.
5. This weekend I'm heading to Lake Murray for the of my favorite places on earth! And I think I remember all the words to the song Oklahoma (you have to sing it at the top of your lungs when you cross the Red River).

May 22, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006 1 comment
Happy Birthday, Maurine! I hope it's the bestone yet.....make a wish, and eat a slice of cake for me (calories don't count on your birthday)!

Happy 29th Birthday, again....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 No comments
Aunt Lois. Pretty soon we are all going to be older than you....
A "Christmas Eve" Dinner in bright baskets.....
Gifts, all shoes wrapped in the SAME box, none of which ever held household objects or food products (anyone that experiences Holly's wrapping knows that's not how she wraps gifts).
A basketball game Brian won, hey, I just play 'for fun'....
A cake and 3,000,999,123 calories later....and another birthday is past!
Do you know who's next in the family? ME! I appreciate having two full months and one day for everyone to shop.

Happy Birthday....

Saturday, May 13, 2006 2 comments

Tonya! Tonya and the kiddos are icecream-aholics..... we have had it a LOT in the last few months with everyone's birthday (and we will be having it again in just a few days :O)), SOOOOO the theme---->ice cream cones. We found ice cream garlands, straws, plates, napkins etc etc etc etc etc, and than there is this old trick (easiest recipe ever), baking cupcakes actually inside cones and icing them to look like ice cream cones! Everyone (minus the California dreamers ;o)) came over for steak and potatoes, cake and ice cream.....and I think everyone went home in one piece.....a little fuller.

The power of prayer.....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006 No comments
I can't believe it, I just got the state results back for the reading test my kiddos took a few weeks back and 100% of them passed....I almost had a heart attack.....I was hoping for 90%, which is usually the average on the best years, and so MANY were borderline, 4 of them have never ever passed a test in the past of any sort the state has given, one more was just moved out of special ed and this was her first year taking the test......I started praying about January for 100% b/c I just felt there were none making 30s on the benchmark, but there were SO MANY still making 60's. Last year only 84% of them as fifth graders made it, and the 3 of the 4 that have never passed it in their life were not even part of that statistics because they were new this it would have made it in the low seventies! They really did work SO HARD on the test when they took it, but I still am in shock. It truly is just the power of prayer that did it.....I can't say enough how much this lesson has been taught to me over and over and over again. I wonder if God answers prayers regarding the lottery?.....I'm excited b/c there are some kids I was going to be heart broken for if they didn't pass because they have me 112%.....they all got what they deserved this year!

This weekend...

Sunday, May 07, 2006 No comments
Normally, I would have probably posted more on the blog this weekend, and I definitely would have posted pictures, but I'm having technical difficulties....I think I'm going to be hosting a funeral for my modem this evening, you are all invited to say a few I'm using this district issued lap top....I just wanted you to know I was putting your tax dollars to work (trust me, this is one of the better things that happen with them in the schools these days). The highlights from the weekend....
Friday: I signed my contract for next year....dunt dunt dunt dunt (that's the jaws theme for those of you that don't get musical telepathy on your computers). Then I met Sandye for coffee after work where I saw her GORGEOUS ring....seriously.....breath taking and we talked of my favorite topics of conversation!
Saturday: I took Max to K-9 Kerplunk at the public pool, he was soooooo cute. First, he hated swimming, he fell in twice....and had to be rescued by a police officer in a total panic b/c he refused to swim over to the step I was on and kept trying to get out on the side in the deep end.....ugh. I brought his very favorite ball from Petsmart with us to play and despite all the other toys flying around, this ball was seriously THE toy to play with. ALL the other dogs (and there were hundreds) kept stealing it and their owners kept bring it back. Max was a good boy though, he is absolutely not agressive with other dogs, but he sure wanted his toy, so he just followed them around hoping they would drop it.
Last night I went to the Ranger's game with the family.....Jason and Tonya, Xavier and Taylor and Mom....the Ranger's lost to the Yankees, which was so painful to watch with our old boy A-Rod (gag) on their team. It was actually cold and rainy, which I'm not used it, but in the end, it was a good time. Can I just say, regardless of the lose---->I love the ballpark!

Rubber Ducky, You're the One....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 3 comments

One of my favorite parts of this time of year are BABY ducks! I've been walking at the same park since I moved into this house....I love the park, you can't see much of it in the picture. There is a fountain, a pier and weaping willows (or "monster trees" according to games LeeAnne and I used to play as little girls) anyone that has taken this walk with me can tell you I take the business of baby duck counting very seriously.....these ducks are just not responsible with their babies. They start the season out with 8, and you'll see them a month later with only one left, or you will see one lady duck with 27 babies (I promise I didn't even make that number up, I have witnesses to this actually happening...ducky daycare...maybe?) and all the other mama's have 2.....they let their babies wander, float, galavant around, and they are just entirely too loose for my peace of mind. What ever happened to getting all your ducks in a row?!?!?! Regardless, they are cute and I look forward to this time of year! I'm including another duck who has a bit of personality....I love these ducks with their 'top hats' as my Mom calls it.....I don't know where they came from, or what they mutated from.....but their personalities are so serious, while looking so silly!