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Here is the video they just posted on their announcments. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's my name. :O) http://neighborsgo.com/video/2043


I'm sooooooo excited!!! Yesterday my Mom told me about this contest they were having in the Dallas Morning News, and suggested I try it out. People were asked to submit their photos over the three weeks the fair runs, and then a winner will be chosen by their staff each week. I retrieved my corny dog photo from the recycle bin on my desk top, and decided to give it a go (Fletcher's Corn Dogs are HUGE at the fair, in case you have never been, this is their birth place, and it's a 'big deal' to get one every year, so that helps with this selection, I'm sure). Today I was contacted by a reporter to tell me that I was chosen as this week's winner! You can go check out the other photos on neighborsgo.com There are more than fifty pages, and mine was on page 3 awhile ago, but they move as more are added, so the direct link is here: http://neighborsgo.com/photos/33683
If you scroll down on the main page on neighborsgo (under the ferris wheel photo, and the colorful boxes) my little guy is also the link to this photo contest. Go quickly b/c this is my fifteen minutes of fame! I'm sure he will be replaced soon, but he made me happy while it lasted!!!
You will see I have a really riveting interview snippet they posted under the announcement on my photo a second gal called for a little interview information (it's hard to believe-but true, I was speechless when she called and I stumbled through...well, everything).
I was contacted a third time, and the plan is to go to the newspaper on Friday. I pick up my prize-an i-pod shuffle nano. I 'get' my photo taken for the paper as well. The lady told me this picture, and my photo will run in all seventeen edition of the DMN, and online.....WHY DID I NOT STICK WITH MY DIET BETTER THIS SUMMER?!?!!? The last piece of this contest is that all three week's winners will then be judged by a 'Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer' and you win tons of computer stuff if you win that. I don't anticipate my corny dog vision will go too far, but it's exciting to dream, and be 1 out of 3. :O)

State Fair 2009

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Yay! I made my first, of several (planned) trips to the fair this year. I love fall, and this is one reason why. I can't imagine that there is a better, bigger state fair out there, but if so....I want to go! It was a beautiful, sunny day. There wasn't much of a crowd, and very few lines as Mom and I walked around and looked at all the sites on the second day of the fair. The corn dog was breakfast, what better way to start a day? This year's newest fried item is fried butter....I passed, I usually do, but it's always interesting to see the new things they try to fry each year. Scary, but interesting.

The Last Person On Earth....

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I can't stress enough how much I would have bet on me NOT liking the Twilight series. I am really, the last person on earth that would want to read a series about Vampires. I've never been into that whole world of fantasy. I love to read, I'm an avid reader, but I only read educational, motivational, and happy things. I don't watch sad, scary, or suspenseful movies. I only watch love stories, and musicals if there isn't too much drama, and you can guarantee there will be a happy ending. I turn the news off if it's too negative. I certainly don't like dark plots. I laughed when the gals I work with started telling me about the Twilight series. They have been talking about it for years now. Yes, it's in the "Young Adult" reading section, but as a reading specialist, it's not so unusual that people would want me to read a story from that 'area' of the library....it's my 'job.' (I also know this series of books seems to be spanning all age groups.) It's a good job to have, and you'll find me in the children's area of Barnes and Noble almost as frequently as you will find me perusing the 'grown up' areas. There was just no way I was going to read that series. I knew I wouldn't like it. This summer, one more friend got 'hooked.' She begged me to read the series....I made her tell me about all four books, in detail, before I would commit to even starting a chapter (never one to wait for the end....or really, for any major part of the plot, I had to know it would end well). Oh...my....gosh! I'm hooked! I don't know why, I don't know how. I want to say it's because my buddy enjoys them so much, and we've had fun discussing the stories (not your usual book club collection in my circle). They really aren't dark, it's a love story, with minimal blood ;o), and a hero from the Anne of Green Gables era (it's all coming full circle now as to why I might like them). It's hard to explain. Sure, it's weird, but it's also kind of refreshing. I can't figure out what it is that makes them so good-they are well written, and imaginative, but there aren't any spectucular series of similes, and metaphors I can pinpoint, but they certainly suck me in, and get me 'feeling' with the characters. They are also pretty wholesome....(this may take an 'in person' explanation), but it's great to think about as teens read them. I can't believe it-I like a vampire series. It'll be my first...and probably my last, but it was a surprise....even to me who thought I knew 'me' so well! I can't explain the craze, but I am part of it now.

Finances and iPhones

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I have a not-so-secret love affair with my iPhone. Sure, it's an expense, but it was a long thought out decision that sprang from a long series of savings, and it's something I can definitely say I get my money out of, and choose to spend money on....BUT, this week-I lost my phone for 24 full hours. I don't loose things on a permanent basis often....I've had a few moments of insanity where I walk around looking for my keys, while I hold them in my hand, or there was a three day search for my kitchenaid's dough paddle (I hadn't used....ever), and as I stood, with my kitchen, utility room, and garage torn apart, I looked over at the basket hanging over my sink with dish towels, and I thought....when I find it-that's where I'm going to store it....guess what, that's where it was the whole time! Once, I lost my to do list when I was in college, and I cried....I want to say it was stress, but the list really probably does mean that much to me. But...my phone....that's like losing...my dog or something. After searching my brain, I remembered listening to a song on itunes that morning, and putting it in my purse, but then it was gone by the afternoon, with a few things shuffled around inside my purse. I had run one errand, and the insanity began. It has rained all week, inches, downpours, flashflood warnings, and rivers of water ran through the streets, and I was crawling around parking lots looking under cars, digging through every crevice of MY car. I slithered under a booth where I had run an errand, made door to door calls at all the stores nearby in case someone found it in a parking lot, and turned it in....somewhere else. I asked the hostess to ring my phone while I crouched by the stinky trashcan, and 'listened' for it to sing for me. At work, I found the carcass of a lizard while I skimmed my flash light under all my shelves, and tables, and shuffled around every piece of paper, book, and box of markers. I pinched a nerve pushing my shoulders in the back of my drawer in search of my phone. After 4 hours of phone calls (80 total calls from myself, and my friends-including a few really cute messages from my friends asking 'whoever' to return it....love them). It was nowhere. I hated searching, knowing it wasn't probably a 'lost' item. Give me an hour, and write me a bill, and I'll tell you all about WHY I don't like losing things...but...let's just take it at face value and just say-it was a real hassle! After suspending my account at midnight, I had one more hope for today, but then....Dave Ramsey's Financial Class started running through my head as I realized I was about to have to make a big decision. Where does this lay in the grand scheme of my financial outlook? Today was pay day, and I had to start assigning a home for each dollar (my inner self tried to talk me into the craft store, my sane self had me balance it more evenly throughout my life). I was a tormented b/c I knew the 'right' thing to do....get a cheap phone, at least until I save up for a 'nice one'....and am eligible again for a discount (another 8 months). This financial stuff is hard!!! I guess this was a baby test, and at least got me 'thinking' about what's important (I still probably would have chosen the iphone). Good news, after some sad stories about my phone told to the student's that had access to my room while I was in and out of meetings all day yesterday...it magically appeared on my desk later in the afternoon. I won't bore you with the details. Whew, grown-up, hard, financial decision averted for one more month-rhinestones, and silk scrapbook flowers, here I come! At least I thought about how I COULD be more responsible.

Jake's Jon-Jon

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This is for Ella's youngest, Jake. He has a few more months until he turns one, but it's ready for shipment. :O) Jon-Jon experiment #1 is now complete.

Mamma Mia's Birthday

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Happy Birthday, Mom! There is nobody more deserving of life celebrations than my Mom! Her glass is always half full, and she doesn't complain or make excuses about the 'missing half!' In fact, she will try to convince you of how wonderful it is to have half a glass of air. It would be easy to look back over the years with sadness over too many loses, and tragedies, but through it all, I know that God gave me the ultimate gift to walk through those times-a Mom like mine who has always shown unwavering faith in God's goodness, and His plan for our lives regardless of the place we currently stand in His plans. I only see positive when my Mom's in the picture. I wouldn't trade that for any of the other experiences. "Blessed" doesn't begin to cover all the laughs, and unconditional love Mom brings to this world!

Mini Sausage Quiche

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I tried this new recipe out today from a Taste of Home. I made a few adaptions, but it was pretty good, and it might be a good dish to take to a party. It was relatively easy,and yummy.
Mini-Sausage Quiche (24)
1. Roll out, and cut 24 squares out of one can of canned Crescent Rolls, and line the bottoms, and sides of mini-muffin tins with these squares (the recipe called for half of this amount of dough....are they kidding? It needs a full can for 24, or it would be way too bland).
2. Brown 1/2 pound of Italian Sausage, 1 T. of diced onion (I added two) in a pan (4-5 minutes). Drain grease, and add 1 T. of green onion (again, I added two). Spoon mix into bottom of the crescent cups.
3. Mix 1 lb of grated Swiss Cheese, two eggs, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and 1/3 cup of Parmesan Cheese (these measurements are cut down quite a bit from the original recipe, but it was plenty). Spoon over sausage mix, and sprinkle each quiche with paprika.
4. Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.

Just Another Day At Walmart

This weekend I ran into Walmart to grab something, but my 'quick trip' was delayed because a marching band was playing along the aisles and blocking my way. I laughed, it just wasn't what I expected to see, or hear marching up and down the Walmart aisles, but I found an unexpected smile at their expense. I took a picture from a distance b/c I didn't want to get run over by the tuba section. I think it was a fundraiser of some sort....but....it made life a little more interesting!

Giraffe Dress

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My pal at work asked me to make a dress for her 5 year old granddaughter. She's an animal lover, and I bought this giraffe fabric a few months back because I fell in love, and she was on board for my 'fabric dream.' It was a real hardship b/c I had to go buy more b/c the amount I bought was for a 1 year dress. It was tough, but I managed to drag myself to the craft store (convenient that I still have that other fabric). This time around, I just cut an "M" out of fabric for her initial so she can wear it for 'all seasons.'
The dress:

The dress with a view of the fabric underneath:

Restaurant Review: Peggy Sue's BBQ

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For years I have driven past this little BBQ joint across from SMU in Highland Park. I don't know why I always wondered about it (I don't have a lot of explanations for the workings of my mind), but....I have. This summer, I added it to my 'to do'list...if it's not on the list, it doesn't become a priority to me. This weekend (it's still the 'summer season'), I finally went. So, if you were wondering about Peggy Sue's BBQ (I doubt that). The food is very good, and affordable. The BBQ was tasty, and the atmosphere is very 'old school'....on purpose (this particular place has been there 20 years, and it replaced another BBQ restaurant that had been there 30 years). Brown plastic covered booths, random BBQ style decor, BBQ and all the fixins' on the menu. I would definitely say it's worth a try if you ever happen to be running around Snyder Plaza, and feel like some good BBQ. (I tried the sliced beef, and it was good, we ordered onion rings, and they were fabulous, and I also ordered up some 'gridled' jalapeno cheese bread. The negative? I smelled like a BBQ Pit for the rest of the afternoon (my dog's appreciated this, but I doubt any humans I contacted felt the same way).