Homemade Gifts: A 'Guy' Picture Frame

Thursday, December 02, 2010

So....I have a cousin who is absolutely impossible to buy for during the holidays, EVEN with a list he always provides in September, which I ask for, but he's the only one that listens and get's it to me in on the Christy-shopping-time-table. He also has a birthday in November, so this is actually his birthday gift. I took a really cute picture of Blythe and Brian last Christmas Eve (are you noticing a theme OTHER than homemade gifts this week?) and I decided to try to make SOME sort of frame that was boy-OK/college dorm OK....though I don't know that it will be, it's my best effort. I wanted to make one like the one I made last spring with metal/and wood....very boy-ie. Instruction on 'how to' and that frame are here.
Brian likes music I don't listen to, games I don't play, comics I've never heard, and a certain baby I also puffy heart. But even with all that, I do know he grew up in the age of animation, so I decided to go sort of comic-ie with his frame. I found some comic strip scrapbook paper in my stash, but there wasn't enough, AND it was Wonderwoman.
I debated.
I ripped my hair out.
I sought additional counseling.
I adopted a blankie, sucked my thumb, and whimpered in indecision for negative 4 minutes.
...and then I google searched 'comic strip frame.'
I found a really cute idea using comic strip squares to make a mirror.
It was perfect, in my head, and that's the only place that needs to agree with my hands before I get to work.
I used the same basic prep technique as my last metal frame, but after painting the base of the frame board, I searched out the comics...fun pictures...fun words, and I used my smalles square punch to pull out some fun comics.

I spaced them out (keeping in mind where my metal 'frame' would be going), glued down my comic squares with a glue stick, and then mod podged over them to help them stick/protect them. The paper is pretty flimsy, so I did have to press out a few bubbles within a minute of applying the mod podge so it would lay flat again.

I used gorilla glue to apply the metal piece, and 'decorative' brads.
While it dried, I made a few magnets using my small round punch and some strong magnets, and diamond glaze.

I printed out one of my favorite Brian/Blythe pictures to get my cousin started on his photo sharing.

...and thus completes another gift for a family member.
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tt.scraps said...

really cute! I have those hard to buy for people too! My brother, for example, and his b-day is Dec. 13th! Argh! He makes a list too, and half of the list I don't even know what the heck it is!!! :)
Looove this idea!!

Dawn said...

Very cute idea, and executed so well! Perfect sayings in the squares - I love it!

Anonymous said...

Lots of work in that project....and it turned out so awesome. I, too, love the text you chose to include. It catches the eye and makes you want to stay and read.
Very fun!

Christine said...

Very cute!!!!!

A Girl said...

I love this! Men can be so hard to shop for sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Shawna said...

Such a cool idea and it looks great!

Scrappy Gifts said...

You're so funny. What a great idea - I think it's awesome, perfect for a guy. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays!