Necklace: Torquoise, Pearls, Silver and Sparkles

Sunday, July 24, 2011
I'm jewelry obsessed right now.  A year ago I made everyone aprons for holidays.  This past year has been all about bags, and's looking more and more like everyone is getting jewelry.  I blame it on Kelly.  She came to my house one night and taught me how to make crocheted bracelets out of wire, and I started exploring the jewelry aisle at the craft store....and life...and stocks at the craft store haven't been the same since.   So...I recently saw this bracelet at a boutique, and I fell in love. 
I don't know that I've seen the combination of pearls and turquoise before, but...I'm a fan, and the sparkle is just fantastic.  I bought the bracelet (as opposed to shoplifting?) and then I hunted down these pearls, turquoise beads, and little crystal drops from Michael's.  I added silver pins to connect a piece of wire between each bead (I bought the wire at Hobby Lobby and cut it with wire cutters).
 I created a really long necklace that can be doubled.  This goes well with black, which is conveniently, apparently, just about every outfit I own....add it to the things I'm addicted's a long list.


Delaney said...

How fun!

tt.scraps said...

Hope you are doing well...miss you!

Ella said...

beautiful! love these!! and i agree, i love the pearl/turquoise combo, too!