Winnie the Pooh: Sweet as Honey Favors

Saturday, August 20, 2011
 A few months ago I posted the invitations I made for my friend Regan's Pooh Themed Shower.  It's just a little over a month away, and I'm slowly progressing in the details.  A lot of things I'm setting to post the week after the shower (in early October), but I figured I would post the end, since I already posted the beginning!  The favor ideas have changed about ten times.  In fact, so many times that I have now mass quantities of two other items to incorporate some other way since I settled on this idea.  I found some honey scented bath goodies, and I decided to make a cute bag to house these in, and send the guest home with something useful.  To make the goody bags I cut up a cream colored sheet into strips. 
 I sewed up both sides, turned them right side out, and used pinking sheers across the top....just because I wanted to use pinking other reason. 
 I took a bee stamp (that I also used on the invites) and stamped a bee on the corner of each bag. 
Stuff, tie, and I'm adding a cute place to house these for distribution and a message...stay tuned. 

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Jenny's Photography & Things said...

So simple & cute I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

cherished bliss said...

So sweet! I love them. Thanks for linking up!

Sweetwater Style said...

Tell me where you got the bee stamp. I love the motif! Why do we love bees when they can be such pests when we garden.....oh yeah...honey.

Christy said...

Mary, I found the stamp at Hobby Lobby. :O) It's a line called stampability. I hope that helps!