Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long Distance Christmas Cookies with Grandma

I know I know, it's early for Christmas gift posting, but I'm shipping this early so Blythe has it in time for holiday cookie making.   I made this little long distance cookie gift set for the cutest member of my family, Blythe.  It's a combination of two gifts I've made in the past for others.  I made a Cookies for Santa gift set here, and a Gingerbread felt cookie set here.  The only fault Blythe has is that she lives in Pasadena, and not.  Since I was little, my family has made sugar cookies using my Grandmother's recipe (Her great-Grandmother's recipe).  I decided this was as close as I could get this year.  I attached a tag with the recipe written on the back (I'm going to post these in a month or so). 
 I filled the little container with an apron I made, some measuring spoons and a cookie cutter she can play with her, along with the all important-sprinkles.  It would be cute to add all the ingredients as well, but these are all the supplies I could stuff in this container. 
 Here's the recipe.  I also decorated the lid with some stamps, and the stickers.  She's a girl that appreciates accessories. 
Everything fits nicely inside.  I'm going to have her grandmother make the cookies and record them and post them on youtube for Blythe to watch.  I'm sure her parents will help her make the cookies this year, and it will be one more link between our holidays. 

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Kimmie said...

Hey Birthday Buddy!!! This is SO cute; every one of your posts inspire me!!!! Have a wonderful day!!

RaisingCropsAndBabies said...

Oh that is so fun! I just might have to do something similiar for my neice for Christmas!