Friday, October 07, 2011

Candy Corn Trail Mix

 Last year I made some trailmix for New Year's Eve using bugels.  Instructions are here for that trailmix. 

I also made up another Halloween mix, cats and hats
I used this same basic principal to make this trail mix.  I originally saw the idea, and I fell in love via cookies and cups blog.  I heart candy corn.  I dedicated a week's worth of projects to the little boogers last year. 
This little candy corn mix would make a really cute hostess gift, and they are very easy to put together.  First up....melting chocolates.  Heat 1/2 cup for about 40 seconds.  Stir, if they are not smooth, heat for 10 additional seconds at time.  If you overheat they won't be smooth any longer, but rather crystalize. 

 Dip one side in yellow chocolate.  Place it on wax paper to dry.  To speed up the drying process, throw it in the fridge. 
 Dip side two in orange.  Repeat drying process, and then dip the tips in white chocolate. 
 I just mixed these up with a bagged trail made it look so much more homemade.