Monday, February 20, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day: Shamrock Soap

 I saw this last year on Greenbean's blog and I knew I had to add it to this year's gift round up for some of my St. Patrick's Day lovin' friends.  I've made dinosaur egg soap with dinosaurs in the middle, and it was a hit, so it's now time for round two.  Inside these little mounds of St. Patty's Day fun is a gold dollar. 
 I went to the bank and asked for these, and they had plenty to share.  I decided to start with two bars of soap this year.  The pan is a Wilton mold I bought at the craft store.  I use these same guys in the oven to bake crayons. 
 I melted 5 chunks of soap at a time (you'll do this twice) for one minute in the microwave, and it was liquid and ready to go. 
 Add one drop of green food dye (I just used Wilton's again).  You can also add a scent, but these are for kids....I don't think they care.  Fill both molds with the soap, it should rise to about 1/2 way up.  Let it harden (about 20 minutes) and then place the coins on top. 
 Melt about 4 more cubes of soap, add more dye, and pour over the coin. 
 Once these dried I bagged em up and sent them on their way.  There will be gold in the middle of of soap.