Ghost Projects

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I posted about ghost projects a few Halloweens ago.  Here is a week of projects and recipes.  I'll also throw in a Ghostbuster pudding I put together in honor of a week of decade projects.  I don't believe in ghost, unless you are speaking of the Holy Ghost, I'm pretty tight with Him, but.....there are some pretty cute ghost projects out there, so I find myself leaning that way as Halloween approaches.  This year I'm sending this trick or treat bag to one of my friends under the age of 5.  I saw this idea at Better Homes and Garden.   I took white fabric, cut out ghost eyes, and used double sided light bonding fabric to iron it to the bag.  I added black/painted eye balls, and a ribbon.  Now I'm gonna fill 'er up with goodies, because I believe in spoiling other people's children.  And I believe there t too much my friends can do if I send them via sneak mail attack. 

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Stephanie said...

Really cute--I'm sure they'll love trick-or-treating with it!