Monday, July 30, 2007 1 comment
"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle."
-- Amy Bloom
No....I'm not in love :O)....but despite a really busy week, and a lot of outings, socializing, and projects, the highlight of the week (as it should be) was church this Sunday. It was all about LOVE....if you've ever been in love, think you might some day be in love, or have had anyone who has discussed being in love and needed your advice, you should definitely check it out (it's the kind of advice I hope you will feed back to me someday if I'm questioning the concept). You can hear the sermon at anytime throughout the week by following the links. The basic idea was that love is an action and not an emotion. There are emotions linked with love, both good....and bad....but the heart of the word resides in actions. When God says He loves you, He's not just speaking of feelings He has for you, it's the actions behind those feelings, and the permanancy of the love He has for you. The sermon includes all the advice I wish I had given when confronted with problems, and all the things I needed to hear when considering the future. I 'loved' it....:O) I hesitate to even give a summary b/c there is no way I can really express how great it was and motivating, but I hope you will check it was one of those weeks when I wish I had saved enough room in the pews and enough money for the airfare to include you all...I needed a little revival, and I enjoyed thinking-THIS is why I go to church, it revives me, renews me, strengthens and educates me into the way I want to lead my life.

Going the way of the Buffalo...

Sunday, July 22, 2007 1 comment

My weekend a Lake Murray consisted of: a cabin shared with Mom, Lois, Holly and Brian; ping pong, minature golf, a boat ride past Tucker Tower and across Lake Murray, dinner at 'the' Apple Bin, arcade and pool games, a little hike up a road at the state park, a swing, slide photo ops, star gazing and moon hunting with a telescope, chasing geese, swimming, spades, dominoes, cooking out, shopping, lakeside views, cattails (pictured-when I was little my Mom told me this was called a "Corn Dog Plant" and this is where corn dogs come from-the restaurant at the lodge served corn dogs on the children's menu, which was usually my meal of choice and while we waited to be served, she convinced me any delay in service was because they were out 'picking' my meal from around the lake-I was a little mixed up as a kiddo), and lastly my weekend consisted of the sad news that one of my very favorite places to 'get away' as a child and an adult is being sold off and eventually 'renovated' or torn down to make way for a luxory hotel....feeling a little blue, but refreshed after a weekend of fun and remembering some of the best of times!

Elijah Wade

Saturday, July 14, 2007 No comments

This is Eli (11 days old) and Monica. He's a tiny little bundle of joy at less than five pounds, but he sure is a cute little peanut. I got to hold him for quite awhile and retour his precious nursery now that he has arrived and all the pieces are in place. He's a lucky little boy, both grandma's and his grandpa have been taking turns holding him, and Grandma Elaine is staying through August to help out with childcare. Matt is ready to start purchasing the appropriate outdoor equipment for him to join him and the uncles on hunting and camping trips. He's got a world full of people ready to spoil him.

Seeing Stars

I like to make list....which isn't a surprise for most of you, but one thing I make a list of are things I want to go see and do around the Dallas area in the summer. It's a big city, there is a lot I have still never done (though I've done a lot) and a lot I have not done in long time. Today I checked two of my 'Summer 2007' activities off the list. Holly, Brian and I headed to the Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park (not to be confused with the Dallas World Aqaurium). I had previously been to this aquarium, but it's been QUITE a few years. It's a little bit small, but still fun to browse, and very affordable. They have a three legged sea turtle (along with another much large turtle, with all four legs and a ton of other turtles in all shapes and sizes), lots of local examples of fish, as well as fish all over the world, a shark tank, a lot of jelly fish and other of their harmful little friends, and then a pretty big selection of sea horses, included the cutest little exhibit of baby sea horses, which I loved! Just FYI, you can also call off the search, we found Nemo....

After the aquarium we headed over to the Planetarium (there are a ton of museums all sitting close together in fair park) to see a film set inside the planetarium dome called New Horizons about the planets, and then we saw a live sky show, which was an interactive chat about the stars, constellations, planets and little tidbits about the solar system. It was cool, I love the planetarium. We also had a little fun with the plastic astronaut helmets while waiting for the show, because we are mature like that...I'm sharing Brian's pictures-it's 'out of the world', things are just funnier when you post at 2 am!

Hello my name is Christy, and I'm a scrapaholic....

Thursday, July 12, 2007 No comments
Scrapbooking isn't the only thing I've done in the last few days, but it is certainly one of the things I have been enjoying a lot of....and I do mean A LOT. Not that I haven't enjoyed the company of all the friends I have met up with, but look---there is just something about a sticker.....these are a couple of the pages I have done the last two days, I have a whole book full of them, some I like more than others. I'm sharing these b/c it shows some of my new trends. The first page (the yellow page) is all about the 'mini books' inside the envelope with the ribbon on time is a little mini book with the pictures and stories of the funny signs and bathrooms we saw along the way...oh and there are a lot of buttons...per usual. Page two-it's all about the flowers, boy do I love those flowers. Page three-I do love my CM punches and use them all the time (thanks Maurine for introducing me to the produce) and I can't stop using rope on the pages....and thus completes a day in the life of gluestick heaven. I think I remember mentioning a work project I was supposed to be working on.....but there are no stickers, so it has lost some of it's appeal, though the director would disagree with that decision!

Max's Moment

Saturday, July 07, 2007 No comments
Max needed his day on the net too, so here he is....helping me with my projects this week. I am now on the editing stage of my work project, with one side project to do which will take about five hours. I figure I have about 10-15 hours left....not bad....I've already invested 45 hours in the last few weeks. I also completed a wedding album for a friend today after a long week of projects/work/meeting up with friends, etc etc etc. I don't usually make albums for friends, I just always think if you are a non-scrapbooker, it's hard to really imagine what goes into a book (money, time, labor)...or a collage...or any project really. In addition, I dropped off my quilt to be quilted (another one of those-if you don't do it, it's hard to imagine)...and now I've started pulling some pictures for a new project....details to be given later. I should be cleaning-but I'm having much more fun crafting. Another piece of news, Monica had her baby-Elijah Wade born July 3 via C-Section-4 lb 11 oz, he should be at home today with baby boy count is in double digits for this past year and a half. I'm looking forward to holding him next weekend!

A Star-Spangled 4th

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 1 comment

Happy 4th! I just got home from a fireworks show....another year chasing the elusive picture that actually captures what the fireworks look like (like you haven't seen them)....but it was much better than last years show, thanks to the lift of the burn ban (as Holly pointed out). It pays to have rain every day for 22 days in a row (almost) and the wettest two months on record! Last year at this time the lakes were down 18 feet or something, and now they are over by 7 (and counting), but this evening the weather was kind to us, no rain for the first time in a LONG time at night and we were able to enjoy the fireworks on relatively dry ground :O). We had a cook out with the family, which is what we generally do when everyone is in town....and the rest of the day I spent working on my SS project (minus one swimming break and a quick shopping excursion). Other than that I have pretty much put myself under house arrest until this thing is completed, which also includes sticking my cell phone in a room far away (just in case you are waiting on a return call, it'll be soon, I hope!). It would be a lot sooner if I stopped breaking out of my house to visit people....I've spent most of each day doing a little something, and have similar plans for the rest of the week, so the drive to and from gives me a few minutes to dial the phone. I hope your fourth was full of fireworks and friends! Now it's back to the coal mine...or as some might say-the laptop...