Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Wild" About Alexis

A few weeks ago I headed down 35 to meet Alexis, and spoil John Ross.

I did a lot of hugging, and holding, and spoiling in the short time I was able to stay before hopping back on 35 and heading home to Dallas. Is there anything harder that letting go of a 9 day old baby and knowing that little one will never be nine days old again? Is there anything harder than hugging a 4 year old and knowing you held him at the exact same point in his life a short time ago, and now he's bouncing around, and asking questions like, 'Does the wind make the earth spin?' LOVE that boy. Love this girl already. And the answer is-no. It makes my heart hurt! I need to freeze time and hold them both some more before they are teenagers and won't let me hold them for as long...oh but I will try, yes I will because I held them when they were days old, and that counts for something in the world where I get to tell them how much they need to let me love them!
I also like to pretend Alexis smiled at me during my visit.

This is 5 of 120 minutes that I let her do something other than snuggle in my arms...and it was only b/c her parents made me lunch and I didn't think they wanted me to eat over their newborn.
The next two post will be dedicated to my spoiling of Carla and Chris' babies..
I've been preparing for Alexis' arrival for awhile now.

In fact, I'm already prepared for her Christening in a month or so, time to get started on all those holidays! I had a weird mish mash of animal print projects I'd been making for when I met Alexis, so I threw them all in a basket. The problem with the basket I had on hand was that it was ugly.
A tisket. A tasket. A very ugly basket.

I got this for some ridiculously cheap price years ago (along with 3 other ugly friends). I don't know why I bought them. I used them once for a fishing party. Rugged, and ugly seemed right. I guess it's not that the basket it ugly so much as it would be completely wrong for any place in my house. I needed a package for the small truckload of gifts I made for Alexis, and standing in my garage, trying to figure out if any of the 18 square feet of baskets and tubs would work before I went to my place of temptation....the the craft store, I realized I could transform this with spray paint. I got a can of brown spray paint and sprayed it the color I 'needed' it to be. I'm only saying this b/c I'm addicted to spray paint now for entirely different reasons than most people, but in conducting my spray painting extravaganza, I now believe my dogs may be suffering from traditional spray paint addiction side effects. They are getting suspiciously closer to the fumes with each project.

After it dried, I filled it up with the shoes, name frame, and wooden letters I made over the last month or so for Alexis' big day.

I wish I had tan tissue, but I'm over it already. The end....for now.


Tanja said...

Hi, I'm following you back from Tanja's Cupcakes.

Have a great day!

Lori said...

Super cute, now don't make me tear up so early in the morning.

Brian and Ella said...

completely the way i feel about my own boys...i was melting down every day (especially when they were babies) because i loved him so much it hurt and the thought of him growing and never being that age or that small again just broke me to pieces.

and i love the transformation of the basket...amazing what a little spray paint will do! :)