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Friday, December 31, 2010
I've seen the 'top ten' post over the net the last few days, and I loved reading them, so here I go...
These were (some of) my top 10 favorite (craft related) post from 2010.  Some were influenced by the number of responses, some I just loved for personal reasons.  In no particular order, because 'orderly things' really aren't for me....
1.  Mini Caramel Apples

Is there anything better than mini and sticks?  I think not. 
2.  Cinnamon Buns On-A-Stick
I love things on sticks so much I had to create a label for this line of post.  I'm planning a week of 'stick' related projects next year.  That's the plan at least, assuming the guys with the straight jacket can't catch me.
3.  Cowgirl Baby Shower

I thought about throwing my Twilight Party up, but I decided this was probably sweeter b/c it's for Alexis' Mom, and in the end, they trump Edward any day of the week.  I'm planning a few more parties this year as well....both Twilight and baby themed.  You'll be glad to know they won't be overlapping.
4.  Cake in a Jar
This an idea I've adapted quite a few times after running across the instructions on the net.  I'll be throwing a week of jars up at some point too, but I can't promise it'll be next year....I mean, a week with sticks will take awhile to recover from.

I heart this tablecloth of Mary's, and I want a time machine so bad.  Michael J. Fox and I would head back 30 some years in my life, and we'd rig one of these up so I could run my fingers along my family's signatures. 
6.  A Week Of...
I've started the 'week of' this year, and I really like blogging in themes.  It takes some planning ahead.  I don't actually sit down and make 9 gingerbread projects in one week, but it's fun to throw them up all together.  I have some already planned or finished from past projects I didn't post in the past.  From Valentine's Day, to Mardi Gras, and I've already got a line of Christmas gifts set to post that I didn't throw up this year b/c I had not given the gift yet.  I guess I'm planning on staying around for awhile longer, and blogging, from time to time, in themes. 
After seeing this idea on the net (all my sources, as always are linked to the original post), I made a few versions of this over the last year for cute kiddos I know....I have one more hula hoop, and sheet set ready for 2011. 
I love my dogs, the slew of dog related treats I make probably make that obvious, the 4 hours I spend discussing them with anyone who will listen cements that. 
10.  Cupcakes
Cupcakes never get old.  I'm planning a week of non cake related cupcakes this year too.  And then I'm planning on starting a support group.  I'll serve cupcakes at all our meetings.  I'm not really good at support groups, but I'm pretty good at serving cupcakes.
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Lori said...

I have enjoyed your whole year! Happy New Year Christy!

Jami said...

You are the best! So many amazing projects and inspirations! Have an amazing New Year!

Jennifurla said...

Happy New Year

Tina said...

I tried them darned mini caramel apples three times and every time the pretzles got soggy and broke and the caramel slid right off. :o(

Carpenter's said...

OH I can't wait to see more of your "stick" ideas!!! Yeah!