Diaper Wreath

Friday, May 27, 2011
 I've made many a diaper cake many a time.  I have about 13,456 examples of them on my blog.  Here's a tutorial....OK...maybe five or six, but that's still a lot.  Recently, some friends at work threw a Diaper Party for a gal at works second baby.  How cute are these invites?
Sarah and Amber told me they found a free template online. 
 Complete with a 'stamp.' 
 My team was assigned size three.  I knew they were planning on making a cake for the shower, and I wanted to do something fun.  A few years back I remember someone giving the mother-to-be a diaper wreath.  I decided to get it a go.  This is actually even easier than a cake.  It would be fun at the entrance to a party or  welcome to a new baby. 
I grabbed a foam wreath from the dollar store. 

 I wrapped the diapers around the wreath and tied them to it (a rubber band would work too). 
 I overlapped the diapers (about 14) so no wreath would show beneath. 
 I bought a bunch of little odds and ends (teething rings, baby products etc) for diaper toting moms, and these little Sneaky Feet at a boutique.  I was originally going for green and blue, but after I found these, I just went with bright colors. 
 I tied the socks and toys to the wreath, alternating sizes, and items. 
I added a tag.  Usually, I'd add a bow, but I thought the larger frog ring did a good job of tying it all together. 
It was a fun way to deliver a package of diapers. 


Deb said...

now that is just too adorable....

Carpenter's said...

Adorable! I am going to a diaper shower next Sat. I am going to attempt to make a tricycle?! If the tricycle fails I am going to do this, thanks for sharing.

Oh and can I pin this on pinterest?

Randi said...

Diaper wreaths are my favorite thing to give. They are especially nice to hang for Mom when she returns home from the hospital, it's just a great thing to go with the welcome baby sign. The fact that they are SO much easier than the cake makes it even more fun. I use a hair tie around each diaper, then mom gets a bonus, and let's face it those first few months you'll need them, lol.

Jodi said...

That's a really cute idea! I'm going to use that some day!

Unknown said...

so cute. can you please post the instruction on how to make the diaper envelope? i'd like to use them on my nephew's baptism. thank you