Monday, May 05, 2014
I've gone full circle on Good Morning, Texas today.  My very first segment was a pinata.  I'm bringing them back on today's show in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  I've pulled out a few new techniques over the last few years to share.  
I used the same steps to make the letter shapes that I used to make this donkey shape last year.  Here is that tutorial.  See what I did there?  GMT....get it?  I've also used this same technique for two parties I'm hosting-I wanted the initials....just you wait...they have some pretty fun innards!!!  I'll blog those very soon.
I'm also making these mini pull tab pinatas (the shell is a toilet paper tube).  Here is that easy tutorial.

Last up, I'm doing a little demo on spray painting pinatas.  Simple enough-pinata+spray paint=new little creature without all the tissue/glue work.

I'll be doing a step by step for making tissue flowers to decorate these little guys, and in a few weeks/months I'll show you what all these little guys were used for)-two fiestas in the work-a baby shower and a birthday party with a very specific color theme. They have quite a party coming along for the scene in which they will be used :O)  I'll post a link to the segment on facebook later, and I have a few WEEK's worth of details to post about on my blog soon....just as soon as these party props make their debut at some upcoming parties-they will get their own post as well.

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