Prayer Request....

Monday, February 27, 2006 No comments
A week from today (Monday March 6th at 8:30am) my Mom goes in for her second major surgery in a year! This time, she really feels like the diagnosis is better (different scenario, different hospital, but same pre-op jitters), it's just the recovery time that is going to be a total pain (literally and figuratively).....and I think that is really getting to her. I'd really appreciate all of you sending up some extra prayers for her this week-that she will find calm as she enters these last few days before the surgery, and that all will go well and her recovery will be as great as it possibly can. She definitely has proven up through now that she bounces back really swiftly :O). She should be coming home from the hospital on Wednesday if all goes well, and we will know more once they send everything in for a 'biopsy'....I really think she should get some sort of frequent customer stamp card with like a free gown or a stethoscope or something cool if you get all your squares punches!

John Ross' Baptism

Sunday, February 26, 2006 No comments

This is the cutest baby ever -John Ross O. (I can say that b/c I don't think anyone checking this has actually HAD a baby yet, but those of you that are expecting, when your baby arrives, they can be tied for cutest). I drove down to Austin today to see him get Baptised (my second visit since his birth a little over four months ago, third if you count the shower where he gave me a kick "hello"). I took a couple of pictures with my camera, and a ton with Carla and Chris' camera. It was such a neat experience, almost two years ago I stood in this same church with the two of them as they got married. This is my favorite shot of all....after all the festivities were almost over (notice the stick up hair from the water running over his head and his little silk jacket and vest and a sock came off throughout the hour).... He was, OF COURSE, the cutest baby there....I want to move to Austin just so I can babysit and see him more....if he ever comes up missing, for the record, I don't have him. John Ross, Carla, and Chris make being a family look like a ton of fun :O)

This Weekend

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 No comments

I promise this will be the last 'animal picture' for awhile (yeah right) fact, for the next few weeks I've got 'big event's' with REAL PEOPLE I might could even post some info and pictures of....but this last weekend I kitty cat nephew (or as I like to call it-my future cat if the streak continues the way it has been going). It was a 'wild' weekend for Bo (the cat).....he's really cute, he likes to sleep UNDER covers, and cat nap on your lap....but mostly he likes to chase anything that moves/ever moved/ever might have thought about moving/wasn't nailed down/was nailed down/took up matter in the universe etc....INCLUDING the dogs which were terrified of him. He has sharp claws, and they have VERY tiny was super fun, dog tails make fun play toys. He also played with the dog's toys all weekend....and Max did NOT learn to share in puppy training classes.....he's gone now, but I did capture one shot of him is good FOR MY BROTHER THE FAVOR HOG....I did get more than four days notice that I needed to watch him this weekend (I think it was five). I guess I can be grateful he didn't get a puppy pitbull or something to watch.....; was fun....and there you have it, another exciting day in the life of Christy.

Muffin and Lilly

Muffin and Lilly would be totally offended (if they could, they can't, but they can do much worse) that I didn't give them a spotlight on the they are.....Lilly, of course, has no idea that Muffin is sitting right behind her on the chair, or else she would be sniffing, harassing, chasing, or trying to lick her to death.

My Funny Valentine

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 4 comments

Can I talk about how cute my dogs favorite Valentine yet!? They are so cute, that I had a new fence built in my backyard last weekend so they couldn't run away. A few years ago, if I read that a friend got a new fence as if it was exciting in an email or something....I'd probably evaluate the level of socializing you had going on but, as many of you are finding out with me, once you buy a house, the new updates are like telling people about your favorite vacations etc (and generally more expensive). So anyway, I've made it harder for the two convicts that reside in my backyard on sunny days (and on my couch on blustery days) more difficult to escape. I have no doubt that with a little time and a lot of resources Lilly can figure out a way for them to make a grand escape....but in the meantime.....I'm enjoying the new fence, and I 'get' to stain it this weekend I'll be taking a trip to Home Depot (don't worry there is plenty of room in my car if any of you are up for coming along on this adventure I like to call....upper twenties social life).....
Just in case you are keeping count, Max weighed in at 103 last time we went to the vet, and Lilly at 78 and counting.....they both think they are lap dogs.....Max likes to curl up in little balls like the above picture and pretend to be dainty.

February 11th

Sunday, February 12, 2006 No comments

My brother got married! Yes, it was a bit of a shock.....we had four days warning. The only thing behind the rush is an eager couple.....and in true Jason style, Jason decided what he wanted to do, and Jason went and got it done. My Mom and I did the best we could with four days....and everything went smoothly. One short informal, yet fun ceremony at the JOP, and a VERY small family reception at the house later....I've got an older sister (Tonya), a niece and a nephew. It'll be official when I steal her make up or something....I'm also excited about being an Aunt....even if you have to throw 'Step-" in before you finish the sentence.....but I've got lots of competition, they have four other aunts....which means I've got a lot of catching up to do. Xavier will be 12 in April, and Taylor turns 10 on February 27th. She's already let me know what she would like me to leave her in my will, so I guess it's official.....they are family....It's February 12th, and this year has already had more changes than the last five years have had in store for me.....I wonder where I'll be next December at the rate I'm going!

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I realized today there has to be an easier way to communicate the big...and little that every conversation doesn't sound like EVERY other conversation I had throughout the day as I tell the same I'll just tell the 'same stories' here and then phone calls, dinners out, and get togethers can be spent:
  • Venting over the stories heard.
  • Adding small, fun details from day to day.
  • Below the surface level.

I remembered I keep getting these 'blogs' from friends....and every once in awhile I go and check them, and I love to see the updates on other's here I go.....I've created a blog with no passwords necessary to remember in order to see what in the world is going on in Plano, Texas...and it was pretty user friendly, and relatively painless!