Setting the Scene

Monday, February 26, 2007 1 comment
Tonight I brought the camera to Super Suppers, I raved about it last time, so I wanted to give you a visual-here are some of the gals (I didn't get a picture of all of them, there are about 5 more that come) I work with and the food we made, it's really more about the process than the food, but a lot of the food has been great too, you have to wade through what you do and don't like, just like any meal I guess, but the making is truly a blast, tonight we listened to Michael Jackson and snacked while we 'cooked.' In a few of the pictures you can see the stations-the 'picture frames' hold the instructions for putting it all together, and they provide stickers, which you slap on the bags they provide before you freeze them that have all the preparations for when you are ready for the meals. There is a station for each 'meal' and then the racks hold all your pans as you go through your list and make them all. Aprons are provided-which can be fun :O)

Laine and Aimee

Karen, Shelly and Peggy

Gretchen, Heather, Sandy, Sonia and Kim

You are now an accessory to my crime....

Saturday, February 24, 2007 1 comment
On Friday evening I went to church to help babysit, it's a once a month thing the church organizes so parents can have a night out. I had a good time working with the twin 5-year-old autistic boys from my class, but I was in heaven when we went to the indoor playground and there were 15 of the cutest little two year olds I've ever seen, there were about 3 of them I wanted to steal, they were sooooo cute! I can't even begin to describe how precious and adorable there were, imagine a cute baby you have seen times a million and you are somewhere in the ballpark....all babies are cute at each age, but-wow-is 2 a sweet, sweet age. If you are raising kiddos right now, I'm moving in when they are two b/c I was having a blast with those little dolls, but you will be glad to know I was able to walk out the door without one or two under my arm.
This evening was Sunday School game night, I was dreading going, I was just in one of those moods...but I ended up having a good time. My team won Cranium, so winning always does help the mood at the end of the evening :O).
I also managed to check one thing off my to do list.....A few years back I saw an Easter wreath at a store I liked, and figured I'd try making, and then again last year I saw a picture in a magazine of something similar and even started collecting the 'stuff' to make it (hallowed out eggs) -which has been sitting around my house all year, this weekend I finally sat down and did it (or rather stood over it and spray painted, glued, tied raffia etc)'s not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I'd probably pass by it at a store, but the real issue here is....I can finally check a project that has been sitting on my to do list off the list! Next-packing, I'm leaving for Regan's wedding on Wednesday.....I look forward to posting pictures and details!

Mid Week

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 3 comments
I do have a few more substantial things coming up over the next month, so hopefully I'll be back with more photographs and 'exciting' stories (I use that adjective lightly). I'm spending most of next week out of town, and I would imagine I'll collect a few adventures along the way, in the meantime....
Today I FINALLY bought Wicked tickets, originally (a year ago) Kelly and I agreed to go together when it came back into town again, but we procrastinated, discussed it and slacked off too long to get any tickets for the weekends when she could get down here, the only thing they had left was the last peformance in May, late on a Sunday night. I refuse not to go, even if the timing is a little awkward, so I'm going on the last night.....I'm really looking forward to it! (Kelly, we will get GREAT tickets next time....there are some other great shows coming into town, check them out. )
I also made my semi annaul visit to the dentist today, no new cavaties, but I guess she's got to pay the bills, so she's wanting to replace 3 of the fillings I have....I think I just DID that, and I don't think I have THAT many left to replace.....I'm waiting until the summer, but I don't want a root canal, and so I'm gonna do it before any 'bacteria leaks into the cracks'.....argh! I hate that high pitched sound! More than that, I hate the cost, it's pretty outrageous, basically it equals all the Saturday's I've given up to teach....blah....but I guess I'm glad I have teeth in my mouth that need fixed fillings....must....stop....eating....sugar....
Other than that, I caught American Idol tonight, how much do I love the last gal who sang (if you watched, she is going to keep me watching this season, last night was a bit of a disappointment for me)!


Sunday, February 18, 2007 No comments
There is "No News" to really report (none that I'm willing to report on a public blog) I am 27 and 7 months.....THAT about covers the excitment of the weekend. The week has been interesting, it was really long with a lot of late night meetings, and this week promises to be the same. Tomorrow I have a mentoring meeting at church, Tuesday is a work related meeting after tutoring (and I'm administering the state test to 4th graders, 6th graders test in April, but they didn't have enough administrators, so I'm being pulled from my class to do it, and I have a sub in my place). Wednesday is the dentist, Thursday=meeting, Friday I'm babysitting at church, Saturday is 'game night' with the church group, I'm DETERMINED to 'make' myself go, it's so easy to talk myself out of it....really, this is what consumes me.....along with the fact that I have no news, I am interested in hearing from you guys and look forward to hearing good news on your ends, my cell phone is acting up, my wall charger isn't working...and I need to phone shop.....but....I don't want the expense, so I just charge my phone too and from work, and my calls have been dwindling as I wait to get a new phone....or a new charger.....but time and money is what is holding me back....and then your ears will be burning with all the ringing!

Work In Progress

Sunday, February 11, 2007 No comments
I posted a picture of the quilt I've been working on before (for almost a year now...not because took a year to make it, but because itI took a year to make it!). I've now done the final touches before it goes off to be 'quilted' (which takes a really long time). I've added the border, sewn the binding and the back. Once I get it back from the quilter I'll have to trim it up and add the binding to the quilt. I won't drop it off for awhile b/c I'm going to help my Mom make a quilt next and I figure I'll take them together....but here it is, a little different than I originally envisioned, but 'fun.' The next one I do (which won't be too soon, when I made the first time I thought THAT would be my only one....but fabrics are just too fun to play with, so never say never) will definitely be 'dark colors'....just for a change :O).

Railroad X-Ing

Thursday, February 08, 2007 2 comments
I need to call my doctor and get on blood pressure medicine b/c I'm pretty sure all my normal heart functions and blood pressure measurings will never be the same. Today I was driving home from a work wedding shower, and a long boring meeting to end the day, and it was a parking lot on the roads.....I was venting on the cell phone (mistake number 1) and I was waiting at a light at this street I HATE being near (mistake number 2)....and all of a sudden I could hear the railroad arms and the clinging, but I couldn't see them BECAUSE I WAS IN FRONT OF THEM (mistake number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 to eternity---which is where I would have gone had my subconcious not naturally stopped behind the rails (though not the railroad arms). It's a strange track that is diagonal across an intersection, so everything is slanted and pretty well spaced out. It's a place I can't really remember seeing a train.....I couldn't move back, I couldn't move forward.....but luckily after freaking out, I realized I was just behind the railroads tracks and they had enough room for the train to go by. I've never held the break down so firmly (and put the car and park, and I was searching for the emergency to make sure I didn't roll forward). The truck next to me actually had the arms of the crossing fall on it's hood, and I was close enough to the rails that it just missed the back of mine.....I think I'd rather have been hit with the arms than to have been that close to the rails....but I survived, minus a conductors attempt at a deadly glare (and I don't blame him)....and now I've made it home to pass along a little advice: Pay attention to rail road crossings, even if you think they might not be in use! In addition, because I survived I can give you a little news-I sent my application in for the Reading Specialist Position with the district....I don't know if I want it, but I feel like this year I can't pass it up, so I'm kinda hoping nothing else comes up in the meantime because they would be completely ticked if I retract my application again. I would really be sad to leave a full time teaching job (though I'd still have a classroom, I'd be pulling groups of struggling readers). I don't think I can continue to let 'opportunities' go by though....I figure there are a lot of classrooms that I could head back into if I don't like it, but there is only so long a door is opened in specialized areas. We will see....

9 Bouncing Baby Boys

Tuesday, February 06, 2007 No comments
Another friend of mine, Gretchen, found out today she is having a boy. I don't have ANY friends in the last two years that have produced anything but little boy if one could pop out a girl---->I'd certainly have plenty of nice little boys to introduce her to when she gets older. I just think that is an odd little fact (I'm waiting on two more friends to find out what they are having). Amber and I will be throwing her a work shower in May.....and we can use some of the 'stuff' I've used in the past :O) More planning to come'll be relatively 'low key' compared to the extravaganzas I usually like to throw because it's May and I'll be running on fumes....and because it'll be after work-people usually just want to high tail it out of there at the end of the day! Basically, I'm posting so if you check with any regularity....there is something for you to read :O)