Mail An Egg Part 2

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One of my favorite ideas via the wonderful world of the net is mailing plastic Easter eggs.  Here is my original post and inspirational link etc.  Last year I extended my Easter egg mailing recipients.  A few of the eggs I filled with chocolate bunny rubber duckies (from Oriental Trading)....

A few other eggs I just bought with the 'stuff' already included. I added little labels.    It cost me about 2 bucks to mail each.  I taped them close and shipped them out to some of my favorite little beings under 3 feet.  A fun little "Hello, it's Easter and I love you!" kind of gift via the mail.  

Hop on Pop Trail Mix Mobile

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 Last year my teammate and I loaded up a cart for the teachers and walked through the halls so they could fill up a little box (cat hat) of trail mix inspired by Dr. Seuss books (we try to celebrate his birthday, March 2nd) with something fun-the year before we carted around a cotton candy machine and had teachers make Thing 1 and 2 cotton candy).
We had brainstormed months before-so we had snagged some green and red M&M's for Grinch Pills, Peanuts for Horton, Goldfish for One Fish, Two Fish, Pretzels for The Lorax (tree trunks), and Popcorn for Hop on Pop, and hats (boxes from Oriental Trading) for The Cat in the Hat.

DIY Make Up Remover for Just Pennies

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 1 comment
 Someone told me about this via a google site and I had to try it out.  I used the recipe I found on nomadic's site, and she found it via pinterest-but I didn't see the source to the link on the site. I was skeptical.  I pay 9 bucks for a little bottle of Make Up Remover how is it possible to make your own for just pennies? I'm made about all those nine dollars over all these years.  Granted....I don't wear a lot of make I'm only a little mad, but in case you are in the same boat-here is a super cheap/easy recipe for your own make up remover...that works!!!
I bought these little dollar containers of tear free baby shampoo and baby oil, and I used a little container to store my finished product.
Mix 1 1/2 T of tear free baby shampoo and 1/8 t. baby oil with 1 c. of water.  Store, shake, use.  Repeat.

Camera Strap

Monday, February 24, 2014 2 comments
 It was time for a cute camera strap....I bought two pieces of fabric and found an accent piece I liked.  
I measured the width of my strap, but made it about 1/2 inch too long so I could trim both sides 1/4 inch to hide the raw end.  I then sewed the two pieces together.  At this point I sewed the flower onto one side.  I used this tutorial in order to make the fabric flower.
I then measured how much need to be folded in to fit around the straw and I folded the two raw sides inward, and then sewed down the length so it is a sleeve with both ends open so I can slip it on and off my strap.
Surely a friend this old deserved a little pampering after all these years.

Pallet Headboard

Friday, February 21, 2014 2 comments
 I decided to redo my room last summer.  It has been a long process because the key was figuring out how to shuffle around the furniture that was currently in my room that I didn't want to get rid of!  I wanted a bedroom that reflected more of who I am....apparently junky and old.  Lots more on the before and after, but here is the second project I tackled (the first were these faux mercury lamps I blogged about here).
You can find pallets that are up for grabs on sites like Craigslist.  I found these by the dumpster of a gym that was being built near me.  Just make sure they are planning on getting rid of them and not planning to reuse them...
I wanted some that looked a little aged.  There are some strategies for aging wood, but....I think this was a big enough project to tackle for now.
 The tricky thing about pallets are getting them apart, they are made to hold tons.  Literally.  So those nails are in pretty tight.  There are some tools you can buy to pry them apart.  I bought a saw for 8 bucks that goes through metal and just sawed between the wood and the nail.
I'm not going to took me awhile, so it was a project I tackled a little at a time.
 I bought a cheap piece of wood.  I have a queen, so I cut it to 5 foot 3 inches for the length and 3 feet for the width.  I also bought a 2x4 and cut it in half for the legs, or you could use some super duty hangers to just hang the wood directly to the wall.
 My helpers were in full force for this project.
 I cleaned the wood with a brush, but I really didn't sand it much because I decided to seal it later.
 I started nailing the wood at random patterns.  The nails were longer than the wood and backboard, so I just nailed it down and bent it in the back so it would lay flat.  It's not pretty, but nobody can see the back.  I could have covered it with a piece of foam board or something, but I'm going to leave that detail to the perfectionist.    I tried to keep the row about the same width, but I varied the size of wood from row to row and, again, sawed the sides that hung over the bottom base wood.  There were a few gaps, so I just stripped some wood from old pieces that had cracked and used some wood glue to stick the wood into the gabs and hold it into place.
 I then got a little can of polyurethane.  I put three coats on and then let it dry.  This helped seal those little splinters.
 I nailed the whole thing to my two post....I dig it....and I was able to throw it all together for about 20 bucks.

Godchild Anniversary Gift

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 This godmother thing is serious business.  I went back and forth, and scrounged around to find ideas to make sure I wouldn't think in 18 years-I wish I had done that!  I have two godchildren-one girl, one boy.  A complete set.  They live too far away.  This I don't like.  Thus far, I've gifted both with ornaments each year-each with their own theme.  I plan to do that as they grow up, BUT-since we have a special date (baptism) when I got to hold them and make promises-I also send something each year (all both of them) to celebrate the date they were baptized.  I'm trying to do my duty and make sure it's a charitable gift that gives back and shares a quality I hope they'll look back on and apply as they grow.  Last year, I gave Micah (pre-Carter's birth)-a pair of Tom's, included a bible verse and card etc.  This year I made a donation in their honor to groups along the Amazon River that go into the village and try to bring some pleasure into the life of the folks along the river.  I went last summer, and knew this was what I did, so I picked up these two maraca things carved by locals, and I had two of the students hold signs that say "Jesus Loves You" in Portuguese.  I sent these along with the cards/donation info.
I've got ideas for the next two years (it's how I roll), but I'm always taking suggestions for fun donation ideas for the 14 years after that....or any other fun godparent traditions/ideas.  I want to make the slide show at their weddings...or something like that.  ;o)

Oscar Watching Pre-Party

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Last year I hosted a little Oscar Pre Party in conjunction with a jewelry party I hosted for a friend of mine.  I decided to serve appetizers that went with each movies nominated for best picture.  I just used black and gold supplies, and grabbed a bunch of gold candy to scatter around and popcorn containers to hold things like the silverware.  
Eclairs for Les Mis (a nod to France), White cupcakes for DJango-apparently there is a scene that is centered around white cake in the movie...and I needed a sweet.
 Andouille Sausage and Cheese for the Beast of Southern Wild (it takes place in New Orleans).  Tomatoes and black olives (tiger tails) for Life of Pi.
 Apples for Lincoln (one of his favorite snacks...and Cookie butter for dipping-one of mine), croissants for Amore (again, I just read one of the last scenes where the lady in the movie is really 'there' takes place over breakfast).
 Hummus and pita chips (and carrots) for Zero Dark Thirty (takes place in the Middle East).
Philly Cheese Steaks for Silver Lining Playbook (a nod to the setting).  
Canada Dry for Argo (again, apparently part of the movie takes place in Canada).  
I added popcorn and the mummy Oscar cookies I blogged about yesterday.  

Oscar Cookies

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Last year I threw a jewelry party for a friend of mine who sells jewelry.  We did it on the same day of the Oscars, so I served food that went with each of the films nominated for best feature.  I saw cookies like this via bakerella, so I had to add this to my desserts.  The original cookie cutter is no longer sold, but I did find this mummy cookie cutter that worked out well.  I used this sugar cookie recipe.  
I was feeling a little overwhelmed with life, so I skipped my usual favorite icing recipe and used the kind from the can, but I added a tablespoon of clear karo syrup so it would harden and could be bagged.  I piped it on with a trust ziplock, smoothed it out with a knife and then added gold sprinkles via wilton.  

Praline Cookies

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I made these cookies last summer.  The one thing that is pretty easy to find in Texas are pecans....we even claim it as the official state tree.  So, I always have some on hand.  I saw this recipe at plainchicken-pretty basic ingredients, and it was really tasty-they really do taste like a praline cookie.  Go figure?  I've tried enough recipes out in my time to be a skeptic, but this one....I'll keep.  Pecans=Texas, but we let Louisiana borrow them (fine they have their own trees) because they make really delicious candy called pralines which are a carameling/pecany bite of heaven.  Mardi Gras is not too far off, so here's another recipe I'm adding to my collection!
Praline Cookies
Ingredients:  1/2 c. butter, 1/2 c. brown sugar (packed), 1/2 c. sugar, 1 egg, 1 1/2 c. flour, 1 1/2 t. vanilla, 1 1/2 c. chopped pecans, powdered sugar
Instructions:  Melt butter and mix all but the nuts and powdered sugar.  Add nuts.  Make into 24 balls.  Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes.  Cool for two minutes and then sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Eat.  Repeat.
I've started a board for other Mardi Gras recipes and pins here.

Good Morning, Texas: Valentine's Crafts

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 Today on Good Morning, Texas I'm sharing some Valentine's Crafts.  I only have 2/3 of the final products photographed b/'s been a busy week.  I'll get that last one snapped sometime, but in the meantime....I'll post the video on facebook later.
In no particular order, I'll be sharing the above banner.  SOOOOO easy.  I have done this several different times in multiple is that super simple tutorial.
 Then....this argyle Valentine's Day Wreath.  I have a friend this is going to be perfect for.  She's argyle obsessed.  I do love the yarn wreath. crafting talent is actually needed to make this guy.  Here is a fall yarn wreath I made in the past, and the tutorial for the Valentine's Wreath lives here on my blog.
Last up the last minute mystery craft.  It involves glitter, mod podge, and an old mayo jar.   It's a glittered candle holder.  I mixed the glitter in the mod podge.  Stuck a heart sticker inside the jar and rolled the glitter around until all the walls were coated.  I let it dry a few days and the glue dried clear, so the glitter is stuck to the wall.  I peeled the heart off so there is a little clear heart in a glittered jar.  Picture pending, video to come soon.  Note to anyone trying this-I'd peel the heart off before the glue is totally dried.  It did come off, but I had to be more careful b/c there was also a layer where the heart met the jar that wanted to come off too.
OK....I think that just about covers it!  Get your craft on....there only a month left until Saint Patrick's Day and I've got a few fun ones I'm working on to share....even though I always forget it's even Saint Patrick's Day, rarely wear green, but haven't been pinched since I was about 12....but maybe this year....the green thing, not the pinching thing...