Felt Food: Gingerbread Men

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've gone a little bit nuts this holiday with craft projects. I've been working like mad on little gifts for people to give out over the next few months. I can't post about those 'gifts' because then I'd ruin them....BUT I can share this new project. I saw these little felt foods on ETSY the other day. ETSY's is an online store where individuals sell their goods, and a lot of it's really cute homemade sewn/knitted etc 'stuff.' I am IN LOVE with the felt food. Seriously, in love. Even though the Christmas season is over, I had to pop these little guys out before I 'moved on.' I'm putting them away until next fall, and then I will find a few friends to give them away to....it might be :your kiddo:, but I figure it won't ruin the surprise for the kiddos, even if it ruins the surprise for you. I bought enough to make three sets of these, but I only made one tonight b/c I had to figure it out...which takes awhile...and what I figured was that it's probably best to hand sew everything but the outline of the dough....which then took even longer. I'll work on the next two little guys later. I'm hoping to find a little 'tray' for cookie baking, and something cute to jazz it up when giving it as a gift, you will probably see it again as an improved set, but in the meantime, here they are, another 'borrowed' blog idea. I found the little rolling pin at Hobby Lobby. I think as a little girl I would have really loved rolling my 'own' dough, cutting out my own cookies, baking and decorating in my little play kitchen. I have three other 'felt' food projects I have the goodies for I plan to work on soon.

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