Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcakes

Sunday, July 11, 2010
I wanted to try out a strawberry cake recipe with a filling. I'll be revisiting the actual 'cupcake' when I uncover my grandmother's strawberry cake recipe b/c I ended up just trying the filling. But, here are a few fun ideas I tried out for cupcake presentation using the filling I made, and the boxed cake mix and canned icing.
The presentation is sort of in memory of May's Margarita Cupcake....this is a summer presentation idea I played around with...because I'm avoiding housework/exercise/curriculum-ish related everything.
Strawberry Daquiri Cupcake

I layered cupcake/filling/cupcake/filling/cupcake/icing/garnish
...and a...
Strawberry Shake Cupcake

I used the same layering concept, and added a strawberry candy stick for the 'straw.'
The filling recipe is sweet...if you like strawberries, it holds the flavor pretty accurately in a gel form, it's just fun to add another dimintion to basic cake and icing.
Filling Ingredients/Instructions
2 c. strawberries-hulled, and crushed

Add 1/2 c sugar to strawberries once they are crushed, and set aside.
Add 1 T of unflavored gelatin to 2 T of cold water. Add 3 T of boiling water to this mix, and stir together until gelatin dissolves.
Add gelatin mix to strawberries, and let it cool until it is the consistancy of a thick syrup.
Whip 1/2 c of whipping cream until stiff. Fold into strawberry mixture.
Chill for about 2 hours (it should be set and look like this...)

Fill a cupcake...or if you are like me, play around.
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Shonda said...

Looks so yummy, Christy!! We have a bunch of strawberries, hmmm...

Amanda and Cade Butler said...

Yummy!! :)

Anji* said...

Yum! I love strawberries.. I can't stop eating them this summer!

Jen said...

Your killin me with all these yummy cupcakes! I love strawberries,margaritas AND cupcakes...this is perfect!

mom2maya said...

Christy, I LOVE following your blog! You are so creative : )

HoosierHomemade said...

How fun! Love the presentation and the cake and filling look yummy too!
Thanks for joining in the fun at Cupcake Tuesday!

Pamela Scott said...

yumm those are so cute

Anonymous said...

That looks so yummy!

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Anonymous said...

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Luzia Narvz said...

Looks so delicious. I love strawberries and I'm pretty sure this will be a great recipe to try.

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