Halloween-Ghost: Boo-Nilla Shake

Friday, October 08, 2010
I saw this idea on Martha Stewart's Website.  I took a glass and the instructions called for melted chocolate to be piped onto the inside of a glass.  I did discover one fun 'trick.'  I had some left over chocolate icing in the fridge.  I took it out and molded it, and then pressed it onto the side of the glass and I was able to manipulate the face.  It stuck even when I added the frozen shake. 
I've also seen  this idea using clear cups, and a drawn face with a permanant marker on the outside of the cup.   The shake-it's actually Vanilla Slimfast.   It would have been a healthy choice if I didn't go grab a bowl of popcorn....and a handful of fritoes 30 minutes later. 


Lori said...

Way super cute. What a great idea. Love all your ghostie posts.

Anji* said...

Ooh I'm shaking in fright! I don't want the ghostliness to end!

oursearskithome.blogspot.com said...

Creative....and delicicous! What a great combination!

Alison said...

So much fun! I just had to share this post with my readers!

I linked to this post in my Blog Love: fall edition post!


Unknown said...

Ha, ha, slimfast followed by a chaser of popcorn and fritoes! That exactly what I'd probably do! Hey do they have frito pie over then in Texas? I'd never heard of it before I lived in Santa Fe for two years. So good:)