A Homemade Chalkboard....One Dollar Later

Thursday, March 10, 2011
I got this Debbie Mumm calendar holder at a Thrift store for a buck. 
I took the tag off the back, and then got out my spray can of chalk....the same one I've been using for almost a year now.  I've read that you should rub the side of chalk along the whole surface, this makes it easier to write/erase/write/erase.  I've hung it in the laundry room that is now going to be my craft room because, let's face it, I do a lot more crafting than laundry.  It's my project to do list.  I'm a tad bit OBSESSED with list.  More on the 'craft cave' later....less on the to do list, there are padded rooms for people that talk about to do list, and I don't have time to decorate a padded room, it would be so limiting because I doubt they allow nails, scissors, and stuff. 
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Unknown said...

Very cool and i love the price ! Talking about you on my blog !

Heather951 said...

You need to get a chalkboard pen...they sell them at Michaels or craft stores...they are amazing and write so much better/easier than regular chalk!

Great job! So amazing how things can be transformed! Super love your blog!

Inouyes said...

I have done the same thing :) Its so fun we write down our menu on I will send you a picture :)

Anji* said...

Makes a very pretty chalkboard.. I noticed that coincidentally both yours and mine posts today include the word 'Mumm' in completely different contexts, how odd!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Don't cha just love chalkboard paint?!?! I walk around the house just lookin' for items to paint! ha ha Great job!

Christy said...

This is so cool! I definitely do the "chalk all over" thing when I use the spray chalk.

Now...go over here and link to one of your mission-friendly posts! Big prizes. :)

Unknown said...

Found you through "The Girl Creative"! Your recipes look fantastic! My husband travels to Spain frequently and he loves Paella ... he has been begging me to make it.

I love your chalkboard spoons; what a fantastic idea.

I'm happy to have found your blog!

Jaime @ Our Journey and OH SO Chichi