32 Reasons

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Yesterday was my 32 birthday.  I vividly recall turning 30.  It was a little painful, but good friends helped ease me into the chapter in my life entitled, "I'm no longer in my 20's."  or "I'm not longer in my twenties!" but most often "I'm no longer in my twenties?!?!?!!!!!????!!??!?!" 
31 was just a little bump in the road, but 32....that's 2 years away from that milestone, and another year closer to another milestone, as yet to be named.  I know, I know, many people have passed this road before me, but this is my first trip, so be gentle in comparing.
Regardless of this little hiccup called aging that leads me to talk about the weather, the pain in my knee, and takes me 27 steps closer to 'that Aunt' that knits things for all the holidays (I would too, but I can't knit a coaster, much less a blanket), I have to say, my first day of being 32 was fantastic, and each year is actually better than the last, despite the aforementioned conditions I've contracted.  More for myself, I'm writing down 32 things that were great about being me.  The me that is now, 32. 
1.  I woke up. 
2.  I was able to get up all on my own. 
3.  My Mom took the day off, this is the 32nd year in a row I was able to spend a good portion of my day with her, girl's day out are the best.  I probably did less crying today than that first birthday.
4.  Among many other awesome gifts from above mentioned gene pool donor, I now own a machine that makes cotton candy.  I've always wanted to own a cotton candy machine.  When I say always, I mean at least 8 years. 
5.  My Mom asked what I wanted to do today and I told her I wanted to drive to Weatherford (1.5 hours away) and eat at a restaurant some random reader of Texas Highways magazine (one of my favorite) said via reader's feedback, was a 'don't miss stop in Texas.'  I read it a year ago.  I remember these sort of things.  3 hours of round trip driving is exactly my sort of favorite activity.  We put a little 'gravel in our travel,' and went. 
6.  The restaurant was a neat little atmosphere, I'd stop again if I were in Weatherford, but I probably wouldn't drive 1.5 hours there because I was craving it, then again, I might just because they serve their drinks in mason jars.  I gotta love a place that knows how fabulous this is....
7.  We hit up some small town antique stores, and drove around a traffic circle.  Most of the stores were closed today because they don't open Sunday or Monday.  I'm so glad there is some place on planet earth that closes on Sunday, I'll even get over the Monday things just because I wish all stores observed a day of rest for everyone's sake! 
8.  Sonic drinks accompanied me home. 
9.  We stopped at Stein's in Dallas for my very favorite cake. 
10.  My aunt called and let me talk to Blythe (who my extended family is visiting this week in CA).  Blythe sang, "Happy Birthday "to me and let me listen to some puzzles she just acquired that make noise. 
11.  My youngest cousin, who is also visiting CA,  sent me this picture on my phone of #10's starring singer.
12.  This was the second version of 'Happy Birthday' I was treated to via Blythe.  We skyped last week and she sang a 15 minute version of HappyBirthdayJesusLovesYouGodBlessAmerica that involved several octave changes, and a swifter sweeper prop. 
13.  Pre-birthday, because they would be gone, my Aunt had me over for dinner, additional desserts were consumed. 
14.  My middle cousin, Holly, stayed in town while the rest of my family visited my eldest cousin and his family (she is taking off in a few weeks to go with me to the Amazon), she came over and we went to dinner at Whiskey Cake.  I read about it in D magazine, I'm ruled by printed recommendations.  ...and maybe food.
15.  Whiskey Cake was a-mazing-ly fabulous.  I partook of the Three Little Pigs.  I made it halfway through the story. 
16.  ....it reminds me of another great meal out, Lockhart BBQ in the Bishop Art's District.  Maggie treated me to lunch and looking last Saturday.   The ribs were great.  Yes, to the sausage (spicy goodness), yes to the macaroni cold OR hot. 
17.  I had this waiting for me from Jason and Nicole when I arrived home.  I heart deliveries.  Edible flowers?  Yes, please!
18.  I received today's newest sonogram of my Goddaughter to be....
I'm a sucker for kids of all ages, and stages.  I will also be redefining Disney's definition of fairy godmother, little girl is going to be set, spoiled, and spending summers with me (must break this to her Mom,  I do get partial custody, right?). 
19.  I heard from everyone, including my dentist office in regards to birthday wishes.  Facebook sort of gives a false rock star for a day illusion.  I'll take it. 
20.  This happened on the way home from dinner....
....but we were able to pull straight into a church parking lot and AAA was there in 30 minutes.  It was the best of a sticky situation, and everyone was completely fine with it....I love things that could be bad turning out to be no big deal.  You know you are with the right people. 
21.  Text messages. 
22.  Phone calls. 
23.  Cards in the mail. 
24.  My dogs are cute. 
25.  Pedicure gift card. 
26.  I blew all 32 candles out in one breath
27.  When I was growing up all my cousin's and my brother had these little records that played birthday songs.  My Mom could never find a 'Christy'  (this is probably because it was such a popular song they were sold out as opposed to it not being a common name).   Holly ordered me one online for my birthday....after 32 years, and many vocal complaints about being left out.  I got my very own birthday song cd! 
28.  I just packed my car for a 3 day scrapbooking retreat to complete days 2,3,and 4 of my 32nd year. 
29.  This is 'only' my 3rd annual 29th birthday! 
30.  I have cake left for breakfast.
31.  I have more celebrating to do with friends.  Lot's more. 
32.  There are 365 more days until my next birthday....33 is one day further away with Leap Year coming.


Lila said...

I was reeled into your blog when I discovered your passion for food-on-a-stick; I've been your stalker ever since!! BUT, and this is where it gets creepy, yesterday was my birthday too!!!! Ya, I know, I got chills too :) I turned 39 !! The last year "of my 30's"~~~I feel some pressure to make it a worthy "finale" year!!! Wanna be friends??? Circle one: yes, no, maybe :O
Happy Birthday!!!!

Donna said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Just keep remembering that it is only a number! And yes I know that somedays you feel a LOT older and want to swear profusely about my comment above, but most days you don't feel that number at all, and I can handle those days!

Unknown said...

happy birthday, 33 myself. I enjoyed reading your list.

Heather said...

Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad it was great. I don't know what the "3 Little Pigs" thing was exactly, but it looked delicious, as did your cake. What kind was it? I'm terrified of getting old(er), but everyone says age makes you more mellow so maybe by the time I'm really old I'll be too mellow to care. haha

Deb said...

Happy Belated birthday...your just a youngun....wait till you turn 49 like I did this year....I can't believe it...hubby and I took a road trip and ate at that same place in Weatherford on sunday....it was really cool...will be posting a few photos this week.....small world..

Jodi said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! And there are so many more things to look forward to!

Junky Jen said...

Happy Birthday! If you don't mind I am turning 42 on Friday and I think I will do 42 reasons on my blog!! I enjoy your blog! You are one busy woman!!

Shane and Laine said...

Happy Late Birthday (from someone still in their 20's) he!he!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Christy!

tt.scraps said...

Happy Birthday, BBFF and do tell me that CD is the same one I had as a child and has a song that goes... My name is zoom and I live on the moon and I came down to earth just to sing you this tune 'cause, "Christy" it's your birthday TODAY!!! :) I haven't heard that for years and don't remember the rest but I still sing that over and over. It's one of the reasons my kids think I'm so cool. :)

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I love this post. I'll have to try it for my birthday. Celebrating yourself is a hard but important thing to do. Cheers for a great list. Happy belated birthday.

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