Homemade Gift: Personalized Dolls

Monday, November 14, 2011
I saw the pattern for this doll at You Can Make This, and I did something I rarely do...I bought the pattern.  I don't like following patterns, but I knew I couldn't go another day with acquiring this one, and I don't regret it for a second. I actually saw this exact doll being sold at a boutique in Amarillo over a year ago.  I bought it....for 30 dollars.  Some of the profit went to a women's charity, but....it's unusual for me to buy dolls, much less 30 dollar dolls, but I fell in love with this one. 
 The pattern was substantially less...9 dollars.  I love that you can personalize these with hair, eye colors and clothes.   It came with the pattern for all the features.  I cut, and sewed, and attempted to embroider the faces. 
 I stuffed body parts, and made each doll specific to the receiver. 
 ...and made one of myself.  I always wanted to be stuffed and sewed, and sat on a shelf....
 The rest will have homes soon. 
 These gals are just made with the basic patterns, but you can really jazz up the patterns and clothes. 
 They took me several hours, and I usually don't have that sort of attention span, but....I puffy heart them, which aligns nicely with the new owners for below dolls....well, minus the me doll, that was just obnoxious, and anything obnoxious goes directly to my Mom. 


Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

LOVE them all!!! Just darling!

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Jo said...

Ok. I feel cheesy telling you this but I'll get over it. Last night during one of the middle of the night wake ups with Ben I was thinking about this doll and you. And I had this feeling that something was missing. It was missing glitter, it wasn't on a stick, it lacked a Christy flair of some kind. And this voice in me told me it should have been filled with glitter because you don't have bling on the outside, yours is on the inside. You reflect God and his love so well that it's just like glitter in your soul. You shimmer, people love to be in His light just by being near you. So you need to get that doll back from your mom and fill it with glitter from head to toe. Then as that doll gets passed down through the generations, they will know what you were really made of!

Regan said...

Micah has definitely given it her "seal" of approval. Many times.