Hole-in-My-Heart Cupcakes

Monday, February 06, 2012
I saw this cute idea for cutting a heart out of a cupcake and I had to try it out with Valentine's Day right around the corner. 
I baked up a chocolate cupcake....because it's my fav. 
 I had filled the liner with 1/4 c. batter so it would rise higher over the top, which I then cut off with a knife.  I punched out a heart shape with a mini heart cookie cutter. 
 I took a really bad picture while trying to put the lid back on the cupcake after I hadded a little icing for 'glue.'  I just used butter cream,  another favorite of mine, and there is a very real possibility I'll be my own Valentine this year....so....I have to really pull out all the stops to please myself. 
 Pop that lid back on, and you can stop here, but....
 When you are your own Valentine I like to go the extra mile and fill in the heart hole using a ziplock snipped on the edge. 
 I made some additional cupcakes....you know, just in case I need a last minute dessert for someone other than myself....or rather, breakfast tomorrow morning.  I'm a giver. 

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