Soda-Delighted You're Mine Sundae Bath Fun

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
 I've been totally in love with vintage valentine's....I won't go into this story again....because I already 'went there' yesterday when I shared the taffy/M&M sundae here.  Today I'm taking the candy sundae, and the above bath salt sundae to share on Good Morning, Texas.  The option to eat or's a win win.  To start with, I googled 'soda shop' and vintage Valentine's Day cards and the computer shot out all sorts of cute printables like the one below. 
 I have seen some various bath sundaes on sale at Etsy, and I decided to try my hand. 
I purchased a sundae cup for $2 at the super store, and I used some of these clear cellophane bags....I'm pretty sure I need to buy stock in these bags....I use them All.  The.  Time. 
 I went ahead and inserted it inside the cup so I didn't have to squish it in after I filled the bag.  It took about a cup of the bath salt (recipe to follow) to fill this cup. 
 I mixed 2/3 c. espom salt, 1/4 c. baking soda, one drop of red coloring, and 1/4 t. of cherry scented oils. 
 I tied off the bag. 
 I inserted a little straw I made for decorations, and a pink spoon that can be used to scoop out the bath salt later. 
 A loofah rest on top for whipped frosting, and I found some heart shaped soaps for the cherry (also from the super store, the little gel balls they sell would work as well). 


Msheepers said...

You are too craft for words! :D

Gotyourholidayon said...

Thanks for the idea. Now I have a gift for my hubby. :-)