Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
 I shared my not so secret homemade hot chocolate recipe yesterday.  I made jars of this stuff last year for friends.  I also bought design-a-mugs for my friends to let their kiddos decorate, and I made some chocolate dipped candy canes to add for stirrers.  I mean, the best accessory for chocolate it more chocolate....right?  The most complicated part of this whole process was taking the pictures.  I just grabbed some candy candes, chooclate morsels (I just happened to have some that were mint flavored left over from a week's worth of peppermint projects I blogged about here), and sprinkles....because sprinkles are to food like glitter is to crafts....magic. 
After de-cellophaning the canes, I melted the chocolate for about a minute (no more) at two 30 second intervals-stir-melt, and then dip. 
Plop it onto wax paper, and add sprinkles, or you could get really fancy and melt a second color of chocolate and drizzle lines. 
 I stuck with sprinkles b/c.....I have enough to get Texas through the next ice age. 
 Let it dry, bag 'em, bow 'em.  Add to the hot chocolate and mugs and call it a day. 

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