DIY Christmas Soap

Friday, November 16, 2012
 So I read about this paper solvy paper people use to make patterns.  The idea is that it dissolves when you wash it.....and then I read you could use this to print pictures and place them in the middle of soap and THEY also will dissolve.  I didn't 'get' how it wouldn't dissolve when it hits the liquid soap, but guess what, it didn't!  Oh the is my first attempt.  I bought some paper solvy via Amazon.  I purchased a bar soap mold and clear and white soap (you could also add a scent, but I'll save that for my next attempt)., 
 I found a bunch of vintage Christmas photos and put as many as I could on a piece of paper so I can make a ton of soaps.  I just printed it from word like it was a piece of paper.  No problem!
 I melted 1 1/2 cube of clear soap (just enough to create a clear layer at the top of the soap.  While it was still wet I took one of my but outs....
 ...and placed it face down.  There were some bubbles I just pushed aside, there are some methods for getting rid of these, but.....I was going to put white soap on top, so it really didn't matter. 
 I let that dry, which only took a few minutes, and then I melted two cubes of white soap and poured it on the back of the picture/on top of the clear soap....ta da. 
Basically, if you can print it on a piece of paper, you can create a soap out of it.  I'm so excited about the possibilities.  These little guys are making their way into some of my Christmas gift getters this year!  Stay tuned, I'm obsessed!

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