Christmas Aprons

Friday, September 06, 2013
 This past summer, one of my projects was to make some Christmas aprons.  I'm planning on having a cookie exchange this year, and I have a box of goodies as my 'gift' for each participant.  I don't know exactly who all I'm inviting, but I can tell you it is five people....because there are five aprons.  I have some ideas, but....more to come on that later.
I went back and forth on how I wanted to do these up, and finally decided on this little get up after seeing some other aprons in this design.  The apron was easy to put together, but doing it five times was a little tedious.  I got four different fabrics, (plus some additional fabrics for the flower that I blogged the tutorial for yesterday.
 I cut out a solid white piece.  I cut a rectangle (15 by 24 inches) and I sewed three of the sides (I left one long side raw since I put the waist tie over that).
 I then cut the 3 different fabrics the width of the fabric (42 inches) by 5 1/2 inches  I sewed a small hem down all four sides.  I did add some ric rac to the bottom.  For the waist I cut out a pieces double the width (84 inches) by 5 inches.  I also hemmed all four sides.
 I pinned the bottom ruffle about an inch from the bottom.  I pinned it on both sides and in the middle so it was 'even' and then I just 'ruffled' the middle by pinching it randomly by hand.
 See...pinch (I know this isn't the 'correct' way to do a ruffle, but it's so much faster!).
 First layer is ready....
 The second layer I pinned a little bit more so I made sure I kept a straight line (it was easier to do the bottom since I just made sure to stay about an inch from the bottom as a I sewed).
 I did this one more time, and then I folded my waist piece in half and over the top of the raw edge.  I ruffled it (the white fabric) a bit as well so it wasn't a straight light (about 20 inches across).  I sewed it over the raw edge, and then I sewed both of the ties hanging loose together.  (Instead of creating one long sock and pulling it right side out).  It required the extra seam, but just seemed much easier to me.
I pinned my fabric flower to once side to complete the look.
 I have another apron like this made from bohemian type fabrics I love, but this little project matches the rest of my 'supplies' for my cookie exchange gifts. More to come on that later.


Lori said...

super cute apron! I would be a guest at your cookie exchange!!!

Kelly said...

I'll bring cookies!!
Love the Balloon Festival too! Being on the Garland/Murphy line we can see them sometimes.