Bird House Ideas

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
 Today I'm bringing bird houses to Good Morning, Texas.  They asked-I got to work.  First up is the one above using a preformed bird house I attached wine corks too.  A bird bar.  Here is the full tutorial for that.  I don't drink, I'm not a fan, but....I am fascinated by wine corks-I bought these on etsy.  
 I do love a good recycled project, in this case-I found a pink pan at the thrift store for a few bucks and put this little gal together.  Here is that tutorial.
Last up, a true recycled project-I took a coke bottle and painted it.  I just used acrylic paint on the outside (so none would chip off an affect any next that were built here).  You could use the full bottled, but I cut mine down into two pieces.  I sprayed it with some water resistant spray.  I used and blade to cut out the hole.  The size of your hole determines the size of your bird family.  I also read to place brighter houses near gardens, and more natural colors if they are just in a tree so you don't advertise to the enemy (aka, the cat) where they can find a tasty snack.  How high you hang your house also matters.  Here's a link on I found.  The full step by step video should be posted on my facebook page later.

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