Easy Fried Rice

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
I found this recipe at therecipecritic.  I love a good stir fry.  I also like being able to control the items that go into my dish.  One thing I usually do is make the rice the day before.  I stick it in the fridge until I'm ready for it.  It just has more of the feel of stir fry....it was a tip a friend of mine from Korea told me...the truth is there may not be real reason to do that, but in my head it makes a difference, and at night when I'm tired from working-it saves some time if the rice is already ready to go!
Easy Fried Rice
Ingredients:  2 chicken breast (cooked and shredded), 3 c of rice (cooked), 2 T sesame oil, 1 small onion (chopped), 1 c. frozen peas and carrots (thawed), 3 T soy sauce, 2 eggs (lightly beaten), 2 T green onions (chopped)
1.  Cook and shred chicken.  Season to taste. 
2.  Heat a skillet or wok on medium.  Add sesame oil, onion, peas and carrots.  Fry until tender. 
3.  Move to the side and add the beaten egg.  Scramble.  Mix the eggs and veggies.  
4.  Add rice and chicken.  Pour soy sauce on top.  Stir and fry all ingredients until heated through.  Add chopped onions.  

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