Grow a Tomato

Monday, May 23, 2016
     I've got my very own science project going in my backyard.  Did you know if you planted seeds, things will grow from them?  I get it, there are people that, like, grow their own salads, but I'm not one of those people.  Every year I go and buy a bunch of plants from the store.  I plant those puppies and I water them all of April.  They grow all of May.  Some even produce a little crop of strawberries/tomatoes/jalapenos.  One year I grew a bean.  Yes, one.  I took a photo of it....and then, like I do with all my plants....June comes and I leave to jet around the world, state, or just hibernate in my house.  I want to be a gardener, I do. Each year I get a little better.  I learn a little more, and this year....I learned you don't even have to buy plants in their little pots with their green leaves, you can plant seeds you have in your fridge.
     I found some tomatoes in the vegetable drawer that were on the other side of edible and I sliced off a few slices and thew them in a pot-I left them whole, but those seeds...I told them to get busy.  I put less than an inch of dirt over them and then I started watering them daily.  In about two weeks I had a pot of little green buds.  I kept watering...
   A few weeks later I had these little guys....
I took those little seeds and pulled a few of the healthiest looking ones out and planted them in little pots by themselves....and I'm watering away.  This year I'm going to grow my own tomatoes from a rotten tomato in my fridge I didn't eat.   I'll probably get one to grow...pick it...and let it rot too, but...that's not the point.   Perhaps I'm posting this a little premature, but....June is just around the corner....and just in case these don't make it through June track record ain't too pretty, I wanted to show what I learned.  I'm planning on planting a bunch of other out world....fresh pasta in July, for sure, or at least....a tomato on a salad.

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