Mint Tin Mini Album

Friday, May 13, 2016
 I'm going to visit my goddaughter in a few weeks.  She is currently living in Seattle.  I decided to get ahead of the game this time and make my album ahead of time.  I will only be there for the weekend, so I won't need to make a large album, but I try to store special memories in more than my facebook feed.  This go round I decided I'm going to use thumbnail size photos (more to come on that later).
 I've seen little albums you can make using an Altoids Mint can.  I've been meaning to put one together for years, but when I found these little tins and ready to go albums at Michael's for half off....I let them do all the work.
 I bought 5 sheets of paper, which I have MOST of still remaining b/c these took very little paper.  I bought a set of letters for a dollar, a few flowers and sticky gems (probably another 4 dollars, but..I didn't use them all).  I didn't want to make it too thick, since it has to live inside the tin.
 I also got a 50 cent roll of ribbon in Hobby Lobby's scrapbooking section and then I went to work.
 I measured the size of the folded 'pages' and cut out my paper.
 I left a few places for journaling, and the rest of the space will be used for thumbnail size prints.
 Now....I just need to take those photos...I'll be back with the finished product and how the whole 'thumbnail' print thing goes.

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