Sea Shell Tea Lights

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
 Tomorrow (I think), Good Morning Texas will be airing a segment I pre-recorded a few weeks ago.  The theme was sea shells.  This is one of the crafts I'll be bringing-tea light sea shells.  I'm bringing quite a few crafts.  I'll post a link to the segment on facebook once it airs, but in the's a sneak peak.
 I found the original idea for these via a photo from youtube.  I'm not sure of the exact step by steps there, I went off the clip photo, but I imagine it's similar.  I wanted to keep the wick from being blackened, so I put a tea light on a candle warmer (or coffee cupwarmer-whatever you call it).
 I took tweezers and pulled the wick out and placed it in the bottom of the shell.
I then took the tweezers and lifted the tea light (it was too hot to hold) and tipped it over into the shell.  It hardened and now I can burn it like a candle.  I'm going to put these outside this summer in some sand and flower pots.  The great thing is I can refill my shells as many times as I want.  Fun and functional.  It doesn't get a lot easier than this!

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