Chipboard Albums

Monday, August 08, 2016
 I recently returned from Brazil....and in a few months I'm visiting NYC.  I went to a scrapbook show a few weeks ago and I bought the letters for NYC to make a little album when I returned.  I got to thinking, I have a Cricut machine...I wonder if I can make my own and sure enough.....there was a tutorial.
 I had saved some chipboard backings from different pages etc I had bought the last few months, but I've seen where people use cereal boxes etc.  I just used the deepest cutting setting.
 I covered up the pages with scrapbook paper, and next up....I'm adding doodads.
 For my NYC album I have this little Statue of Liberty cut out of cardboard.  I painted it green...
 ...and then glittered it up.  So,basically I'm posting about a bunch of projects I'm in the middle of, so it's more a... be continued type post, BUT I'm really excited about the chipboard word album b/c I have a few other ideas I wanted to do, and normally the cardboard letters cost 2 dollars a page (at least), so now I can make my own!  Winning.

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