Gold Trash Can

Friday, September 30, 2016
 Exciting things happening at my house!  My brother is moving out tomorrow.  A few months turned into a few years. The one thing I learned (other than a bunch of recipes and substitutions for vegans) was that I can live without a guest room.  So....craft room, here I come.  It's a long process beginning with patching and painting walls and redoing floors, big reveal too soon, but I did start on a few projects including a gold trash can.  I'm doing mostly bright colors, so this probably isn't the perfect trash can for the theme I'm aiming for, but it sure is fun.
I found a silver can at HomeGoods for ten dollars and I got a short cut bottle of gold spray (with a coupon).  I went ahead and taped off the black plastic, and then went to town spraying.  I saw one of these for sale on line (which inspired this project), but it cost 50 dollars and most of the reviews said it was dull and splotchy when it arrived.  Not that I was ever going to spend 50 dollars on a trash can, know....if I was...I just saved myself a lot of money.  They also have galvanized compost bins etc at Home Depot I originally planned to make my trashcan, but then my dog reminded me one of her favorite activities was pulling every piece of trash out of any can that doesn't have lid.  So...problem solved-I found one with a lid instead.  I love it and made mine for just about 13 dollars.  :O)

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