Pencil Cup Squared

Friday, September 02, 2016
 I'm headed to Good Morning Texas in a little over a week and bringing a bunch of pencil themed crafts.  Hello, school year.  I saw these adorable jars and had to give it a go because I love Mason Jars...and pencils.
These are so simple-I got a jar and poured some yellow paint inside, then turned  it upside down and swirled it around so the sides were all covered.  I poured the excess back into the paint container and then let it dry overnight.  I also painted the rim pink and then once both dried I took some polyurethane paint over both so they wouldn't scratch and peel off.  I added a silver ribbon and some black stickers and I'm ready to go.  I'll be making a second jar at GMT as the demo, and then these are going into my class for my sharp/unsharp pencil jars.

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