Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2016
L. M. Mongomery Anne of Green Gables November Quote by farmnflea, $10.00:
I've celebrated Thanksgiving with many different people in many different ways, but over the last few years it has taken on a new meaning for me as I've seen more of the world.  I am sometimes stopped in my tracks when I see the rest of the world and see this spot God carved out for me.  I am so thankful.  I know that so much of what I struggle with would be a dream for others.  My worries are so trivial, and I am so grateful to be so blessed, but I'm trying to hold tight to all I've been given even when it doesn't seem like it's as 'much' as others that surround me, it's still so much more than most.  I've been given so much freedom.  I've been given so many resources.  I've been given so many great friends.  I've been given so many holidays with family.  But I know it was not for nothing.  It wasn't because I earned it, or God loved me more....it's because He trust me to use my blessings for His kingdom.  I'm praying this holiday that the next month opens doors for me to love better, and give more generously of all I'm thanking God for today.  

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