Christmas Sock Exchange

Thursday, December 01, 2016
 One of the gals in my bible study told us about this sock exchange idea when we were deciding what we wanted to do for our Christmas get together.  We all agreed it was a good idea....and a fun one!  The idea is you buy Christmas (ish) socks and fill both with all sorts of treats.  Bring it to your get together an choose a pair to take home.
With the holidays in full swing, I tried to find some fun non-candy items (with a few treats thrown in).  Paper straws, my favorite lavender lotion of central market, some head bands, a pen...and then...candy.  I added a bow and an ornament b/c I can.
Please note in the first photo June checking out my gift while I took a picture and her reflection was displayed in full glory.  I left it b/c she is so spectacular.

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