Flocking a Wreath for 3 dollars.

Monday, December 05, 2016
Here's a sneak peak at my decor this year.  It's so silly to want to change things out, but each year I'm in a different mood.  I like to rotate things around, but....I never want it to look the same.  I recently bought some gold napkins that I embroidered the word jingle on.  I then sewed a bell to each corner of the napkin.
I then went to the Michael's black Friday sell and picked up a few gold decorations for 60 percent off.  LAST, I found a green wreath for two bucks.  I did not LOVE the plastic green finish, so I took a dollar can of spray paint and 'flocked' the wreath.  I tried to record the process using my phone....but I hit slow motion instead of time lapse...oops.....so...here's about a 30 second spraying job that takes 2 minutes to watch, but....seriously, how neat does a can of dollar spray from Walmart change up the whole look of this wreath?  I didn't even have to buy that expensive can of 'snow' spray and I got the same impact.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to go 'flock' everything in my house now.....
In the meantime, here is the video tutorial.

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