Baby Sprinkle

Friday, May 26, 2017
My friend Amber is baking up baby #2.  She won't be finding out the gender until this little one arrives.  At work we recently threw her a sprinkle (a mini version of a shower where we gave her more 'basic' needs stuff like diapers and wipes since she has a lot of the other necessities).  It was a really simple and cute shower to throw together.  We printed off invites with 'sprinkles' all over it and got a book that includes some sprinkled cupcakes that we had everyone sign (one of my favorite guest sign in ideas).  
 We served up cupcakes and ice cream with a 'sprinkle' bar.....basically-all the fun toppings.
 We also took some puffs and added some bases and sprinkles to make them look like cupcakes.
 To have a little fun we polled her on old wives' tales and one of the hostess typed them up...
 Then we had pink and blue sprinkles and asked the guest to choose on to top their ice cream with...
 Mama thinks it's a boy (Dad's guess is girl).
 She had a nice mix of guesses....
 ....and everyone went home with a sugar rush.
Sprinkle success.

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