Twilight: 'Bite-Size' Party Snacks

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Here are a few of the 'themed' dishes we served at our Eclipse Watching party...with a few recipes. I gathered quite a few ideas off of Tara's Twilight Blog! My home away from home. :O)
You will have to look in the picture of all the samples for this one...underneath the cupcake tower...
Staked Steaks

Ingredients: Frozen Fajita Meat, Stakes (bamboo skewers cut into 3rds), Steak Sauce
Instructions: I heated the meat in the oven as instructed, then placed it on the tray between the skewers and sauce. Guest dipped, and enjoyed. It was better than I thought it would be.
'Fork'ed Salad Samplers
In honor of Forks, Washington-the setting of the series.

Recipe: Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese, Light Balsamic Vinegar, and Forks.
Instructions: I rolled two pieces of spinach, slid it down the fork, followed by a slice of cheese (cut them wide enough, or they will split sliding down the fork), another couple of rolled spinach leaves, and then a cherry tomato. Guest dipped their salads into the vinegar dressing.
Florida Weekend Fruit Fantasy
Bella and Edward head to Florida to visit Bella's Mom in the Eclipse book, orange salad, served over seashells seemed fun.

Ingredients: Light Whipped Cream (8 oz), 1/2 a container of Cottage Cheese (8 oz total needed), 1 small package of orange jello, 1 small can of Mandarin oranges-drained, and sliced into thirds, 1 small can of crushed pineapples-drained.
Directions: Mix all ingredients, make this the day of, water tends to 'gather' on top from the various juices by day two. It taste great any day, but looks best on day one!
Lab Tested Tomato Soup Shots

I blogged about where I gathered the supplies etc here. One note-do NOT use chunkier (more gourmet soup) like this....we could have been here until the NEXT movie comes out (a year and a half from now), and it still would be stuck down in those tubes. Use something a little more runny, like Campbell's soup....or maybe if you sprayed some Pam inside? I don't know....but the effect was the same, I'll pretend like that was enough!!!
Garlic Gobbles
No-Garlic has no effect on the Twilight vampires, but's very vampirish!

I followed a free recipe for Crazy Bread from the Top Secret Recipe website, but I used real Parmesan cheese, and I think I needed the 'fake powder' stuff. It was easy. Cut 1 canned package of refrigerated pizza dough into strips (or squares, as in this little demo). Baked 6 minutes. Brush each with a mix of 2 T Butter/1 t. garlic salt mix. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Wolves in a Sleeping Bag
In honor of the chapter Fire and Ice from Eclipse.

Directions: Invite Heather's sister, and she will bring these as her side dish. How stinking cute is this (I'm sure it's best appreciated by a Twi-Hard fan.)?
Vegetarian Delights
Heather brought this in honor of the 'Vegetarian Vampires'

Volterra Italy's Ravioli Renderings
Actually, this is in honor of Bella and Edward's first date, but Italy is a big part in the series as well.

These were pretty tasty. I wanted 'bite size' raviolis, and I adapted this recipe from the back of two ravioli packages, and I used cheese instead of mushroom, so it's only halfway authentic.
Ingredients: 1 package of frozen cheese ravioli, spray pam, 4 eggs, 2-3 c. of Italian Seasoning Bread Crumbs, Marinara Sauce.
Instructions: Boil Ravioli for about 3 minutes, and then drain. Dip each ravioli into egg, then crumbs. Place on a tray, and spray with Pam. Broil on high for two minutes. Turn ravioli bites over, spray again with Pam, and broil another two minutes. Serve with marinara sauce.
Jasper's Southern Egg Sampler
Taylor brought these in honor of Jasper's Texas roots (and Laine's love of deviled eggs). Jasper plays a big role in this book/movie.

Phoenix, Arizona Dance Studio Salsa
Bella's from Arizona, it plays a big part in book one's climax. Taylor brought this, I only WISH I had the recipe (working on that)....yum!

Champagne and Pomegranate, and Sugar Signature Drinks
I'll blog about these tomorrow.

Twilight Cupcakes
I blogged about these yesterday-one for each book in the series (I'm glad there are only 4 about now)

Vampire Bite Cookies
From Zee....she said she used slice and bake....I say she can come over anytime she brings sugar cookies, they are my favorite kind of cookie!

Blood Drop Fudge Bites

Amanda brought these, and I ate so many my sides hurt. I don't know what the official name was she had for them, I'll ask. I'm working on getting this recipe too. ;o)
A Candy Bar
I'll blog about this Thursday.

I have now been banned from Weight Watchers for the rest of my life, despite the fact that there were a few low calorie offerings...I completely stayed away from that end of the table.
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Anonymous said...

That must have been a wonderful party. Great hostessing job!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did a amazing job! I love all the detail you put into parties.

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