Twilight: Cupcakes for Each Book

Monday, July 05, 2010

It was absolutely critical that we had one cupcake to represent each book. I can't tell you who 'we' is that made this decisions-that's top secret, but I can tell you how the cupcakes were made, and where each idea was gathered.
Book One: Twilight Cupcake-The Apple (Adapted From Hello, Cupcake)

1. Supplies=vanilla cupcakes, small powdered donuts, icing (dying it red would hide the icing a little better, but I was feeling lazy), red sprinkles, green gumdrops, vanilla icing, and tootsie rolls.

2. Saw donuts in half (it was too tall whole). Apply a little icing to the cupcake, and place donut half on icing (to help the donut adhere to the cupcake.

3. Then ice the entire thing (I used the jar of icing b/c it's softer than homemade icing and covers stuff like donuts better, and since they weren't traveling, I didn't fear it melting (the draw back to softer icing, and I was STILL feel lazy).

4. Sprinkle with red sugar sprinkles. Mold a green gumdrop into the shape of a leaf with your (clean) hands, and cut a tootsie roll at a diagonal for the stem.

Book Two: New Moon Cupcake-The Wolf (Adapted From Hello, Cupcake)

1. Supplies: Chocolate Cupcakes, Chocolate Icing, Ziplock bags (for piping), fruit roll-ups, Vanilla Icing, Brown and Yellow M&M's (cut in half), Marshmallows.

2. Snip a large marshmallow down the middle (but not all the way). Fold open like a mouth. Apply a piece of fruit roll up to the inside, and trim it to look like a mouth (it doesn't have to be perfect b/c you can cover the edges with the vanilla 'teeth'). Cut another marshmallow into 4ths, and trim to a point. Adhere all three pieces to the cupcake with icing.

3. Place chocolate icing into a ziplock bag, trim a small corner off one edge, and pipe strings all over the cupcakes to look like hair. Repeat this with the vanilla and go around the mouth to look like teeth. Apply M&M halves for eyes and nose.

Book Three: Eclipse Cupcake-The Vampire Bites (I've seen this all over the net, but I like it!!)

1. Supplies-Red Velvet Cupcakes, Cream Cheese Icing, Red Gel Icing.

2. Cover with cream cheese icing, drip two lines of gel for vampire bites.

I have also seen this done with vanilla cupcakes and jam filling on the inside, but I was going for various flavor options b/c I'm a full service not-for-profit-not-for-criticism-non-bakery open 3 hours a year .)
Book Four: Breaking Dawn The Chess Board Cake

Steps: I actually used each mix from the three prior cakes. I divided the mixes in half, and used 1/2 to make twelve cupcakes, and then the last 1/2 for one small round cake pan. Next, I stacked the three cake layers together with layers of vanilla icing in between (red, white, and 'black'....very Twilight). I iced the whole thing.

I then cut squares of black fondant to look like a cheese board (you could also use the remains of your chocolate icing and just pipe it), added a ribbon to the bottom, and then I used my chocolate chess molds for toppers, applied a birthday message, and later sparkler candles for the birthday girl.

Cupcake Tower
I love Wilton's Tower, you can change up the ribbon to give it a new look, use various layers from the tower for a smaller display, etc. I also added rhinestones to the layers for more sparkle.

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Shane and Laine said...

I just keep reading and re-reading I just am kind of sad it's over...

tiff said...

I love it! I'm going to try to make these!

Creative Cupcake Recipes said...

Twighight was great. My daughters introduced me, and I am hooked. I have to make these.
Very clever idea.

Nikki said...

I'm going to send this to a friend of mine. She just had a huge Twilight party and would love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

HoosierHomemade said...

What fun! Those cupcakes are great!
Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!

Erin said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your Twilight cupcakes! How fun. My co-workers would freak!

Have you gotten into the Sookie Stackhouse books? I read them after Twilight and lOVED them!