Book Club Ornament

Friday, November 04, 2022


I'm a part of several book clubs, but I made a commitment to one of my friend's book clubs, or rather, to myself.  I decided I was going to read every single book this year.  We have a rule-it's for fun, there is not shame, if you don't read the book, still come.  So, I have, and I do, but this year, I decided to personally challenge myself.  

Last year, I saw this super cute ideas for making an ornament with tiny replicas of all the books you read throughout the year, and I decided to adapt this to the 12 from our book clubs, so I made each girl one of these ornaments I'm going to gift them at our Christmas get together (and book exchange).  

I bought a package of plastic, empty ornaments, and I printed off little books using thumbnail size prints.  I'm going to post the whole process on youtube.  I also added the year with some vinyl and a little book charm to the top.  

I don't think I'll commit to that next year b/c there was one that was so not up my alley, but it was a fun year regardless, and it will encourage me to pick up more of them, in between all my 'regular' reading.