The Apple: A Week of Apple-Ness

Sunday, September 05, 2010
Maybe it's just me, but I find finishing off a bag of apples almost as overwhelming as running a marathon. I've never accomplished EITHER task. I love apples, but not 10 pounds worth of apples. Sure, I can think of 15 desserts I could walk into my kitchen and make right now.
Apple Pie Cupcakes (Recipe Here)
Not to be confused with THESE Apple Cupcakes and the party that followed.  (Information Here )
Apple Condiments (Recipe Here)
Outdoor Apple Ideas (Recipe Here)
BUT there's this dirty rumor going on that 15 desserts in one's week isn't the ideal way to fit through doors and such. I've thrown apples in pastas and salads before, but I usually have 17 apples still starring at me when I'm finished grazing through the dish, and what's a gal to do, eat the rest of the apples without the benefits of sugar and butter?  I think not!   So, I approached my latest bag of apple with a purpose, and I tried out 5 recipes that I ended up Lo-V-InG, comes a week of apple themed recipes. I can't promise they aren't all desserts, oh well, but I used a bag of apples up for the first time ever (and maybe the last?).  I also went through old post and added the label 'apples' so I can pull up old recipes. So if you have a bag of apples....feel free to click on that label below this entry....or ignore me completely and go eat your bananas, carrots, or whatever you're trying to not let go to waste in your house.

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