Pupsicles-Ice Cream for the Dog

Sunday, August 01, 2010

My dogs love frozen Frosty Paws (ice cream for dogs). I love my dogs. I don't like to spend lots of money on treats for dogs that last 30 seconds....which is the time it takes them to eat one of these treats....and that includes the container it comes in...Max has AKC papers, but I keep looking for the mix of 'goat' that is obviously running through his DNA.
I've spent way too much time doing whatever I want, whenever I want over the last month. Whatever I want includes torturing my dogs.
I do things like freeze their favorite toys in cubes of ice so there is a new dimension to each ball game....I wrote about this a year or so ago here, but I don't write about stuff like this often, or some sort of animal agency may be knocking at my door. But I do stuff like this ALL THE TIME...I pretend they like it b/c it's hot, and it's ice, so it's good...not mean.
To make up for my cruelty...I mean...creativity, I like to find new treats to try. I decided to look up homemade recipes for one of their favorites-doggy ice cream. I found this recipe on Pedigree Pup's website. Here is the dog-friendly recipe I used (and adapted a little with the added 'ice cream stick/bone'). I halved the recipe when I made it, so I got about 6 ice creams out of the mix.
Home-Made Dog Ice Creams

32 oz plain or vanilla yogurt, 2 T peanut butter, 2 T. honey, 1 mashed banana, 12 dixie cups, 12 small chew sticks
Yogurt has less lactase than milk, and the live cultures are supposedly good for dog's digestive systems.
Combine first four ingredients. Divide among 12 dixie cups. Place in freeze for about an hour (until it's partially frozen). Insert sticks (for handles). Freeze completely.

Peal cup off cup around pupsicle (notice my helper's nose).

And serve. Peanut really liked the handle, he carried it off to enjoy away from 230 pounds of lab friends.

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Jen said...

Cool idea!
My fur babies would definitely love this!
Thanks for the recipe!

idesign said...

omg chloe is going to love you!! i'm going to have to make these when she's finished with this box of frosty paws!

DogsMom said...

You have such great ideas. I found another place for you to link up.
She's having a party link in celebration of her followers.

Carla said...

Can't wait to try this as soon as it warms up! Freezing in Florida right now LOL