Homemade Gift: Scrap Fabric=Coin Purses

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
 Last spring I saw a patchwork wallet featured on CraftGossip, and I fell in love.  I decided to make a couple for friends this Christmas using some 30's scrap fabric I had hanging around....NOT that I actually believe there is such a thing as 'scrap' fabric b/c until you can't locate it with tweezers any longer, I still try to use it somehow...someway.  The original purpose of this fabric was this apron.  I took some of the reaming fabric and I cut it into 2 1/2 inch squares, and then I sewed these together in rows. 
 I sewed the rows together, and then found some left over batting, and muslin for the inside. 
 I sandwiched the batting between a piece of the patchwork fabric, and a piece of muslin, and then I stitched down the lines where the fabrics met, also called stiching in the ditch.  I pinned a zipper to the top (I know this isn't the way to properly place a zipper on something, but it works, and it's my blog, so....I guess the zipper police will just have to try to find me if this is too much of a problem).  I sewed the zipper down to the top of both sides.  I then opened it up, turned the bag inside out and stitch up the other three sides of the bag. 
Flip it right side out, filled these with some goodies, and they will find new homes in a few weeks. 

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Deb said...

what a cute idea...