DIY Personalized Rubiks Cube

Friday, June 07, 2013

I saw the tutorial to DIY your own Rubik's cube using sports stickers a few years back on sceneofthegrime. I decided to try this idea out using vacation photos.  This would be a super cute idea for a family gift or work gift (thought about giving one of these to my bosses with group shots of my coworkers, but....didn't seem like much of a gift ;o)).
I printed off 6 photos from my recent trip to Hawaii and I snagged this rubik's cube for a buck at the store. I tried to choose photos with different colors on on the back drop (blue/black/tan etc) to help with the color matching later on. I first pealed all the stickers off the rubik's cute...not a problem, I'm practically a pro at this-it's how I solved the puzzle when I was little too...peel and replace.  ;o)  I then traced the size of the whole square and then used the stickers to measure out the inside squares.  I traced the whole thing onto the portion of the photo I planned to use....
 If you look closely at the photo of my mine, you can see where I held my squared off square on the top of the photo and drew down the lines to 'engrave' the lines on the photo so I knew where to cut.
I cut it each side into little squares.  
 I then glued them into place using a glue stick, though some (like the the one with the hole) needed a little dab of permanent glue to hold.

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