Faux Mercury Lamp

Tuesday, October 08, 2013
 I'm updating my room.  My pal Kelly, who has a gift for shopping, has been helping me find fun things to add to the new look.  I saw this tutorial awhile ago online for making lamps look like antiqued glass.  I love mercury glass.  This couldn't be easier.  You just need a lamp (I'd go with clear or white if you want those 'spots.'  I grabbed a can of Krylon Looking Glass spray (I used a coupon at the craft store to get it 40%off) and a spray bottle of water.
 Spray the lamp with your water, leave the bubbles and then spray your lamp down with your looking glass spray...
 Take a paper towel and gently blot those bubbles, they will pop and leave the circles.  Don't 'rub' too much....it doesn't look as good, I did that on one side....which means....I'll always know which side will be facing the wall!
 I grabbed a lampshade at the craft store.  I accidentally found one that has a sticky base, it's cool, you peel it off and use the paper for your template....
 ...pin it to your fabric and cut.
 The lamp was sticky underneath, so I just pressed the fabric down.  (If you don't have a sticky shade, or want to use an old one, create a template with newspaper, and just use hot glue to hold it into place.
 I also found sticky trim (man, I love this stuff...saved me so much time and lots of burns....no, I don't get anything for saying this, but hey-it was a good find!)
 I added three little flowers on the base, one I bought, the other two I made using tutorials from hair accessories I've made in the past!

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